Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hear them sing,

As they welcome a new day in.

The early morning light,

Their sounds so crisp and bright.

Oh what joy they bring!


They soar so high,

Like speckles in the sky.

They stick together no matter what the weather.

They dance in the breeze,

 Among branches of the trees.


They prance on the ground,

To forage what’s around.

All the colours of the rainbow.

Such beautiful creatures are these.

What would life be like without them? 

They are truly God’s wonderful creation!

God's  singing voices!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day Prayers 2012

"Military power wins battles, but spiritual power wins wars."
"To live in the hearts of those you leave behind is never to die"

Dear Lord,
Today we honor our veterans,
worthy men and women
who gave their best
when they were called upon
to serve and protect their country.
We pray that you will bless them, Lord,
for their unselfish service
in the continual struggle
to preserve our freedoms, our safety,
and our country’s heritage, for all of us.
Bless them abundantly
for the hardships they faced,
for the sacrifices they made
for their many different contributions
to America’s and Britain's  victories
over tyranny and oppression.
We respect them, we thank them,
we honor them, we are proud of them,
and we pray that you will watch over
these special people
and bless them with peace and happiness.
In Jesus’ name we pray;

By Joanna Fuchs

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Twin Souls and Everlasting Love!

Twin Souls are joined together for eternity.  Nothing can separate them.  Their Sacred Union is blessed by God the Father the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

Twin Souls are one soul split in half.  They inhabit two physical bodies and have only one Higher Self.  Each half of the soul retains the exact same vibrations, memories, electrical frequencies and soul signatures of the other half.

The union between Twin Souls is the most sacred of all unions between male and female souls.

The Twin Soul carries the other Twin Soul's essence inside of them always.  This essence can be felt within as there is a soul remembrance of their Twin Soul's essence.  As soon as the one twin connects and feels the essence of the other twin within, the heart chakra opens and fills the heart with an explosion of love sending a surge of energy up into the twin's consciousness thus awakening it and triggering its memory of the other Twin Soul. (It is almost as if the heart has an orgasm of love, joy, excitement and pleasure at that moment.)

Recognition and remembrance of the Twin Soul is wonderful and blissful but then the issue of separateness sets in.  When the Twin Soul remembers it's other half it naturally wants to be with the other Twin Soul physically too and in most cases this is not possible as they may not be mature enough spiritually or emotionally for the physical union to take place.  This is when the Twin Souls must work on themselves.  It is most important for the individual Twin Soul to balance it's male and female energies within them as this assists the Twin Soul to consistently access universal intelligence to guide it and to manifest change.  The more balanced the male and female energies become the more powerful they are to manifest in a positive manner.  It is also essential to clear away all of the impediments that it has accumulated through out it's life's experiences and relationships before the physical union can take place.

The separateness is really only an illusion as the Twin Souls are always with each other.  This illusion can cause confusion and heartache to many Twin Souls.  Once this illusion of separateness is cleared away from the minds of the Twin Souls, they will then be able to find peace within themselves and this loving relationship.  Meditation and prayers clears away this illusion and allows the Twin Soul to achieve a higher state of consciousness allowing it to see more clearly, feel more intensely and sense the others presence more  powerfully.

Meditation and prayers also connects Twin Souls to its Higher Self.  This is a meeting place and power house for the Twins where they can connect with each other and with Source consciously and spiritually. The Higher Self retains all knowledge of it's Twin Souls; their previous lives together and their future missions to be accomplished, past lessons learned and future lessons to be learned.  The Soul can gain much information from the Higher Self about it's Twin Soul and their relationship through meditation and prayers. 

This is the divine purpose of this blessed union of the Twin Souls: 

To spread God's love and light with all of His creation and to be of service to Him and all of His creation through healing, teaching, spiritual work and the arts.  

© 2012 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Loving A Man Can Change The World.

If you want to change the world love a man; really love him
 Choose the one whose soul calls to yours clearly who sees you.
 Who is brave enough to be afraid?
 Accept his hand and guide him gently to your hearts blood
 Where he can feel your warmth upon him and rest there
 And burn his heavy load in your fires
 Look into his eyes look deep within and see what lies dormant
Or awake or shy or expectant there
 Look into his eyes and see there his fathers and grandfathers and all the wars and madness their spirits fought in some distant land, some distant time
Look upon their pains and struggles and torments and guilt;
Without judgment and let it all go
 Feel into his ancestral burden
 And know that what he seeks is safe refuge in you
 Let him melt in your steady gaze
 And know that you need not mirror that rage
 Because you have a womb, a sweet,
Deep gateway to wash and renew old wounds.
If you want to change the world love a man, really love him
 Sit before him, in the full majesty of your woman in the breath of your vulnerability
 In the play of your child innocence in the depths of your death
 Flowering invitation, softly yielding, allowing his power as a man
 To step forward towards you…and swim in the Earth’s womb, in silent knowing, together
 And when he retreats…because he will…flee in fear to his cave…
 Gather your grandmothers around you…envelope in their wisdoms
 Hear their gentle shushed whispers; calm your frightened girls’ heart
 Urging you to be still…and wait patiently for his return
 Sit and sing by his door, a song of remembrance,
 That he may be soothed, once more.
If you want to change the world, love a man, really love him
 Do not coax out his little boy
 With guiles and wiles and seduction and trickery
 Only to lure him…to a web of destruction
 To a place of chaos and hatred
 More terrible than any war fought by his brothers
 This is not feminine this is revenge
 This is the poison of the twisted lines
 Of the abuse of the ages, the rape of our world
 And this gives no power to woman it reduces her as she castrates him
 And it kills us all
 And whether his mother held him or could not
 Show him the true mother now
 Hold him and guide him in your grace and your depth
 Smouldering in the center of the Earth’s core
 Do not punish him for his wounds that you think don’t meet your needs or criteria
 Cry for him sweet rivers
 Bleed it all back home.
If you want to change the world love a man, really love him
 Love him enough to be naked and free
 Love him enough to open your body and soul to the cycle of birth and of death
 And thank him for the opportunity
 As you dance together through the raging winds and silent woods
 Be brave enough to be fragile and let him drink in the soft, heady petals of your being
 Let him know he can hold you stand up and protect you
 Fall back into his arms and trust him to catch you
 Even if you’ve been dropped a thousand times before
 Teach him how to surrender by surrendering yourself
 And merge into the sweet nothing, of this worlds’ heart.
If you want to change the world, love a man, really love him
 Encourage him, feed him, allow him, hear him, hold him, heal him
 And you, in turn, will be nourished and supported and protected
 By strong arms and clear thoughts and focused arrows
 Because he can, if you let him, be all that you dream.
 If you want to love a man, love yourself, love your father
 Love your brother, your son, your ex-partner; from the first boy you kissed,
 To the last one you wept over
 Give thanks for the gifts; of your unravelling to this meeting
 Of the one who stands before you now
 And find in him the seed to all that’s new and solar
 A seed that you can feed to help direct the planting
 To grow a new world… together
  By:  Stellar

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Soul Knows!

I wish to share this beautifully inspired video by Liora with you.  May it bring you blessings.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Twin Flame Love!

I close my eyes, needing rest, yet I think of you even then.

I can taste you on my lips, I can sense your sweet presence ... 

I am dreaming while awake....

I yearn to be with you all the time, I crave your essence.

 I am thinking about you ...

A Message of Comfort and Hope!

In my prayers and meditation I received this very important message.

Dear Ones,

I am the Angel of Hope.  This is a message of comfort and hope to all of you who may be experiencing sadness, hardships and anxiety right now.

Please don’t be sad or afraid.   We the angels are on your earth at this time.  We are with each one of you.  We are assisting you as you go through the enormous changes on your earth right now.  Please call on us at any time for we offer you guidance, strength, love and support.  Our intercessory prayers on your behalf are very powerful.  Calm your troubled minds dear ones and connect with God’s source within.  Sit quietly and peacefully in meditation and we shall connect with you and give you the guidance that you need.  We shall assist you in every way and we shall guide you forward as you venture into the new world and into a higher consciousness.  No task is too big or too small for us.  Please don’t feel that you are not worthy of our help, as this is not the case.  Each one of you is exquisitely precious to Father God and to us.  You are loved unconditionally.  It is our Father’s will that you all prosper in every good way. 

Your frailties are understood.  Contrary to some of your teachings and beliefs The Father and His Angels, do neither condemn nor do we judge but instead, we offer you compassion and unconditional love.

Many changes and challenges will be facing your world as it goes through its transition.  It is time for all of you dear ones to connect to Source and to also connect to each other.  Extend a helping hand to those who are in need of your help.  Show them kindness, love and compassion too.  It is no secret that there are amongst you earthly angels too.  You know who you are.  This is the time for all of God’s angels to come together and to assume their duties to assist humanity with these changes.



Angelus spei.

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