Sunday, October 7, 2012


Intuition is developed as we become more aware. It becomes an instinctive reaction that is sharpened by wisdom and self-awareness. An instinct is an automatic impulse to do or say something and it is propelled by the psychic force of intuition. We are born with instinct but intuition is something that must be honed during the process of our individual spiritual development. Many people are in denial of this capacity to know something without any other impetus other than the self to identify it as a truth, this is because we live in a society that does not want you to become enlightened, that does not want you to be self-aware and therefore globally aware and fully conscious, fully present in the now.

Once we have begun our spiritual journey, within this chosen incarnation, we are then set on a path and there can be no turning back, we move ever forward and in so doing we move away from the society that had tried to trick us into blind sublimation, that has tried to possess our very bodies and minds.  You see no one but ourselves can possess our souls and the soul is the true self and the true self is bound by its own innate intuitive guidance.  When we follow this intuitive guidance then instinct will lead us ever on to higher dimensions of being and we become more and more within the state of bliss.  If we are truly listening to our heart, we are doing so with the intuitive mind and not listening with our ego minds. Intuition is a tool of the soul to guide itself upon its journey back to source. The source is a unified field of pure consciousness and the soul is pure consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.
By Rainbow Wolf
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