Monday, October 1, 2012

A Healthy Mind!

The most important thing towards ascension is to maintain a healthy mind.  In order to do this we need to pay attention to our thoughts.  All negative thoughts have an effect on our physical bodies, our emotional bodies and our spiritual bodies.  When we are able to control our thoughts and our minds we will become enlightened human beings. 

It’s important to make an effort to deprogram our minds by shifting and altering our attention and thoughts onto positive, loving and happier things. We need to train our minds to focus on the moment at hand and to find enjoyment and pleasure within that moment.  When we are able to appreciate our moments and adopt an attitude of gratefulness for the blessing at hand, then we draw positivity and abundance of all things into our lives. Whenever we dwell on the past or the future it almost always triggers off negative emotions i.e. fear, worry, anxiety, regret etc. Time is manmade. It is merely a fragment of our imagination.  Remember whatever we pay attention to and focus on, is immediately magnetised back to us. 

Our thoughts are extremely powerful.  They emit energy and vibrations out into the universe that ultimately have an enormous effect on us individually, collectively and on our planet.  Imagine what an enormous amount of negative energy is being created all over the planet and released out into the universe if we are all collectively thinking negative thoughts.  This has a definite negative impact on all of mankind as we are like one huge magnet drawing a powerful force of negativity back to us and our wonderful planet.

It is important to steer clear of listening to and reading any negative output in the media, newspapers, and magazines or on the internet.  The entertainment business has an enormous influence on people too.  It can influence their behaviour, their morals and the way they speak and think.

Choose wisely at what you observe and listen to.  Very often we are not aware of the impact words, phrases, signs and pictures have on our subconscious minds.  It is always wise to be selective at what you pay attention to. Isn’t it better to feel happy and good rather than being filled with hatred, negativity, anger, frustration, heaviness, sadness and depression?   Also be very mindful with whom you associate yourselves with, as others have a very powerful influence on us too.

There are many dark forces at hand playing on our thoughts and emotions and when we become weak and depressed it is far easier for these dark forces to influence and manipulate us.  For this very reason the media, entertainment and the internet is flooded with evil input as it is easier and quicker to influence and brainwash people this way.  Be aware and mindful of what is going on around you at all times.  Take your blindfolds off!

A minimum of 20 minutes per day in meditation, breathing and prayer is imperative to maintain a clear and healthy mind.  It’s is so important to put aside time to connect with oneself and God/Source to maintain a healthy physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Whilst in communion with God/Source we are connecting to the energy of the Creator drawing this loving healing energy into ourselves.  During the process of meditation we are able to receive *The Gifts and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

 In my meditation I always begin with this very powerful mantra because it offers me protection and it automatically connects me to God/Source.



Some of you may have read that our planet is experiencing many changes and shifts economically, politically, spiritually and climatically.  The human race is also undergoing a transition from the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension and into the 5th dimension.  When you are able to shift your minds to a higher and positive state of consciousness it ultimately lifts your vibrations higher.  This will enable you to automatically and naturally move easily into the 5th dimension without any discomfort.  But those who remain in a negative consciousness with a lower vibration will unfortunately remain in the 3rd dimension until they are able to learn and grasp a higher consciousness.   This means that there will be a complete separation from each other.

This link below explains what these dimensions are and what we experience in these dimensions.

As we are heading for a huge transitional change at the end of 2012 it is most imperative for each one of us to work on our minds and our spirituality as this will assist the human race to overcome the many changes that we are about to experience towards the end of this year and the years to follow.  With a strong, pure, clear and positive collective consciousness we will be able to change our world into the Utopia that it should be by bringing heaven to earth.


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* The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
*The Fruits of the Spirit
Wonder & awe in God’s presence
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