Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Message to Mankind given by Jesus The Christ!

For the past few days I’ve been filled with so much compassion and love for our earth and humanity.  In my prayers I’ve asked God to speak to me about these feelings and emotions running through me.  Jesus Christ came to me and gave me this message to share.  Please read it and share it with others.  Thank you.

This message is a warning and it is also an outpouring of His precious love to all of humanity. 

My dearly beloved children you have been chosen to be on the earth at this time for a very important mission.  My earth is being renewed and through this process many of my children will experience many changes within them and around them.  These changes will affect them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The changes are a clearing and cleansing of my earth and of all life upon it.  Stay connected to me.  Have faith in me and trust me at all times.  By doing this you will overcome the changes happening to you and on your planet.

 Whenever there are changes my dear ones there will be turmoil.  There is a negative collective consciousness upon the earth and it has become very strong and powerful. Humanity has lost its way. This negative collective consciousness will and must be cleared away.  This means there will be spiritual warfare on the earth between my Chosen Ones and the ones of darkness.  This spiritual warfare will affect everyone on the planet.  Those who have acknowledged me and who have chosen my love and light will be the light bearers and peacemakers on the earth during this time.  They will be equipped with my Holy Spirit to overcome all evil adversities.  They will be protected in the Light of ABBA and infused with my Holy Spirit.  My followers are the designated army of souls who have been appointed to be on the earth at this time to assist me by bringing about the transition and change on this planet earth.  The change on the earth will result in bringing about my higher consciousness in you connecting you directly to the mind of ABBA and bringing you into oneness with each other.  The new earth will be renewed with peace, love and abundance.  There will no longer be pain, suffering, hunger, poverty or evil.

The conflict between Light and Darkness will have an effect on the earth’s atmosphere.  Natural catastrophes will be a result of this.  It is in this time that my children must be vigilant and open to my guidance and the guidance of my angels.  Remain close to me; take my hand and have faith.  I will guide you through this change. 

The wars that are springing up all over the earth now, are manipulated and influenced by dark forces. This is the beginning of the changes upon the earth.  Weather patterns and changes with the alignment of the planets in the skies are taking place.  Be vigilant at all times.  Notice everything that is happening around you.  The signs that you see will prepare you for what is about to happen.  They are warnings for you.

Come to me oh my beloved children.  I am reaching out to you. I am pouring my love out to you.  Accept it and receive it.  Allow me to wash you in my love.  My love is a spring within you waiting to overflow if you would only drink from my love.   Call my name, “Yeshua” (Jesus) and I will give you the strength and courage you need to overcome all adversity, pain and suffering.  I offer you my love, protection and wisdom.  Open you hearts and minds my  precious children.  

My spirit is within you and so it is that I AM always with you.
I give you my love, wisdom and strength.  Speak to me and I will answer you.  Let go of all your fears and doubts.  Have faith and trust me I will not let you go.  You are bathed in the glorious light of “ABBA” (Father God).   HIS LOVE AND GRACE IS BESTOWED UPON YOU FOREVER!

© 2012 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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