Saturday, August 4, 2012

Speaking words of love!

Your spoken word is not to be used lightly or flippantly as your words possess enormous power and they affect others deeply.   Many times your emotions overcome you and entice you to speak utterances to others that do not come from your heart but merely from you mind.  Take a little short breath before speaking.  Let your heart speak for you instead.  Your heart is connected to the heart of God/Source which only speaks words of pureness, love and kindness.  
Words expressed lightly can have a huge effect on you and others.  It’s always wise to contemplate on what you are going to say before you say it.  If there is a need to speak assertively, speak wisely then, but most of all speak with love and kindness.

Expressing your love to someone in a romantic relationship or a close relationship should be expressed with truth, respect, loyalty and sincerity.  When you express love to someone it must come from the depths of your heart and soul and not from your mind. This expression of love is one of the most sacred of all utterances.  If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.  Your heart and soul knows the truth of all love. They are your compass to guide you with all of your decisions and soul mate connections.  When you meet someone and you feel as if you have a strong connection to them, your heart will know.  You may even experience a sensation in your solar plexus and this will be your intuition speaking to you.

When you say the words “I love you”, to another say it because you truly mean it, not because you feel obliged to say it or because you are caught up in the moment or out of a need to be loved.  Telling someone you love them does have a very powerful effect on them. It is your commitment to them. It means quite simply that you love them unconditionally and with all of your heart and soul. If you don't have a deep and sincere love for them but instead you only really care for them or admire them , then rather say, “I care for you” or "I admire you".  By saying this you will not be committing yourself to them forever and it will also alleviate any heartache that may occur in the relationship.  But if you honestly love them, then tell them you do, for this will truly bless their souls and yours forever.  You will be announcing your love for them to God/Source.  Your commitment to them will be blessed and it will be recorded in the Book of Remembrance

Please remember true love is selfless and not needy.
Be mindful of what you say to others at all times. Impure/crude words  are extremely damaging to your soul and to others. They have an everlasting effect on you, on others and to the universe. What you say is a reflection of your soul.  
Words possess a vibration that once spoken and released out into the atmosphere/universe, do manifest into whatever has been uttered. Pure words possess a light and pure vibration, whereas negative words possess a heavy and dark vibration. If you intend to  be loved, respected and trusted then it is best to speak with tongues of love, peace, honesty and sincerity.

If we wish to dwell in a place of love, peace and happiness we must learn to choose our words wisely and carefully. 

Thank you  for reading. 

God bless you!

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