Thursday, August 23, 2012

Connecting with your Twin Flame.

Many people question how they can find their Twin Flames and connect with them.
It’s most important to remember that the Twin Flame connection starts with yourself.  When we look within and connect with the love of God inside of ourselves only then is it possible to connect with the Twin Flame energy. When you open your heart to God inside of you and you nurture this wonderful love of the I AM presence with yourself and you establish a relationship with God, only then can you experience the true meaning of the sacred love which is the Twin Flame love.
Your deep love with God and your connection to Him is the beginning of reaching a higher state of mind and consciousness.  It’s the beginning of living your life differently and also viewing the world and life from a higher consciousness. Your heart opens to the abundance of God’s love inside of you.  When you discover this love inside of you, your desire to share this love with others will be overwhelming.  The outpouring of your love and kindness to those around you is intensified.  The energy of this love is so powerful and beautiful.  God has taught us that whatever we give we receive and so the Law of Attraction applies in our daily lives.  When your heart is pure and filled with love and you are connected to your I AM presence and God then the connection to your Twin Flame will be revealed to you. 
When you learn to know, accept and love yourself then and only then can you love others unconditionally.  To love yourself does not mean being conceited or vain.  It has nothing to do with your body and your looks it’s all to do with your heart and your soul.  As soon as you are able to forgive and accept yourself with all of your faults and misgivings then you are able to forgive and accept others.  It’s important to note that each one of us reflects our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about ourselves, onto others.  The judgements and criticisms that we pass against others are merely our own judgements and criticisms we have with ourselves. 
Our Twin Flame or Twin Soul is the exact blueprint of ourselves.  They are the other half of us.  Twin Souls possess the exact same soul vibrational frequency and soul signature.  When you love yourself with unconditional love then you will love your Twin Flame in the same way.  Consider this; how could you possibly not want to love your other half as much as you love yourself?  However you perceive yourself to be, is the way you will see or feel towards your Twin Flame.  This is how you recognise your Twin Flame and their energy.
Once you have established a loving relationship with God, yourself and with others, only then will the Twin Flame reunion take place.  Of course it takes two to tango so this means that your Divine Counterpart must also be ready for the reunion to take place.  Remember the Twin Flame reunion is the sacred marriage with your Twin Flame’s soul.   It is the merging of your soul with theirs.  Your energy merges with their energy.  Your consciousness merges with their consciousness.  Your heart becomes their heart and vice versa.  You will feel your Twin Flame inside of you when you merge with their energy.  Another very important step prior to reunion is the need for balancing the masculine and feminine energies within each of us. The masculine half has always retained some of the original feminine energy that the soul possesses, while the feminine half still holds onto a part of the masculine essence it once was united with.
When you feel your Twin Flame’s energy inside of you, then you will experience what true love is, as there is no other love like this. Your heart is filled with so much love for God, for them, for you and for everything.  It is a complete spiritual and conscious merging with God, you and them.  It is a stronger love to the love with a soul mate.  The love between Twin Flames has existed from the beginning of creation.  It has always been and will always be.  Nothing can separate you from your Twin Flame for you are always connected.
Divine timing is the all important factor with a Twin Flame reunion.  No amount of pushing and straining will bring your Twin Flame to you.  The most important thing is to stay connected to God in prayers and meditation and to work on yourself.  Clearing yourself and your Twin Flame from all impediments, negativity and karma with the Violet Flame of Fire is very important.   Even if you have not met with your Twin Flame yet in the physical, it is vitally important that you pray for them.  It doesn’t matter where they are, be it here on earth or in other dimensions, your prayers and work will assist them where ever they are. 
Be assured that everyone will be with their Twin Flame sooner or later it’s just a question of Divine Planning and Time.
The Twin Flame love is pure, beautiful and sacred.  It is an unconditional and selfless love.  It is always true and faithful. This love is a love of service for God and to ALL.  Twin Flames are the beacons of Gods light to all of creation.
Blessings to everyone.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Speaking words of love!

Your spoken word is not to be used lightly or flippantly as your words possess enormous power and they affect others deeply.   Many times your emotions overcome you and entice you to speak utterances to others that do not come from your heart but merely from you mind.  Take a little short breath before speaking.  Let your heart speak for you instead.  Your heart is connected to the heart of God/Source which only speaks words of pureness, love and kindness.  
Words expressed lightly can have a huge effect on you and others.  It’s always wise to contemplate on what you are going to say before you say it.  If there is a need to speak assertively, speak wisely then, but most of all speak with love and kindness.

Expressing your love to someone in a romantic relationship or a close relationship should be expressed with truth, respect, loyalty and sincerity.  When you express love to someone it must come from the depths of your heart and soul and not from your mind. This expression of love is one of the most sacred of all utterances.  If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.  Your heart and soul knows the truth of all love. They are your compass to guide you with all of your decisions and soul mate connections.  When you meet someone and you feel as if you have a strong connection to them, your heart will know.  You may even experience a sensation in your solar plexus and this will be your intuition speaking to you.

When you say the words “I love you”, to another say it because you truly mean it, not because you feel obliged to say it or because you are caught up in the moment or out of a need to be loved.  Telling someone you love them does have a very powerful effect on them. It is your commitment to them. It means quite simply that you love them unconditionally and with all of your heart and soul. If you don't have a deep and sincere love for them but instead you only really care for them or admire them , then rather say, “I care for you” or "I admire you".  By saying this you will not be committing yourself to them forever and it will also alleviate any heartache that may occur in the relationship.  But if you honestly love them, then tell them you do, for this will truly bless their souls and yours forever.  You will be announcing your love for them to God/Source.  Your commitment to them will be blessed and it will be recorded in the Book of Remembrance

Please remember true love is selfless and not needy.
Be mindful of what you say to others at all times. Impure/crude words  are extremely damaging to your soul and to others. They have an everlasting effect on you, on others and to the universe. What you say is a reflection of your soul.  
Words possess a vibration that once spoken and released out into the atmosphere/universe, do manifest into whatever has been uttered. Pure words possess a light and pure vibration, whereas negative words possess a heavy and dark vibration. If you intend to  be loved, respected and trusted then it is best to speak with tongues of love, peace, honesty and sincerity.

If we wish to dwell in a place of love, peace and happiness we must learn to choose our words wisely and carefully. 

Thank you  for reading. 

God bless you!

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