Monday, May 14, 2012

You Are Precious!

Many people go through life thinking that they are worthless and that they haven’t achieved anything in their lives.  How wrong they are.  Each one of us is valuable.  Wherever we go we leave our light or touch someone with our energy.  You don’t have to do anything unusual or be famous to be extraordinary.  We are all special in our own way.
A slight gesture of kindness, a smile, your concern for someone, a listening ear or even a warm greeting to another human being means that you are shining your light and sending them loving vibrations.  You are making a difference.  You are touching someone’s soul.  You are precious and valuable, and dearly loved.  It may surprise you to learn how many souls you have touched with love during your journey here.  Don’t underestimate your worth and don’t ever let anyone steal your light by allowing them to make you feel worthless.  For they are wrong!  God is right and God is in you.  He is your love, He is your light.  God is the goodness inside of you and you are precious as He is precious.
 God/Source loves us for our uniqueness.  God does not judge or measure us.  It is only humanity who does this through its ignorance.  The Consciousness of God/Source is love, light and pureness and we are created in its likeness.  Therefore it knows only what are love, light and pureness.  Darkness and evilness comes from a human perspective.   Humanity has lost its connection to the purity and light of the Consciousness of God/Source that surrounds it through false teachings and man-made beliefs passed down through the ages.   Contemplate this … if you are told you are bad and that no one loves you from a young age you will become what you perceive to be this truth about you.  You will inevitably attract this like to you and in your life.  However, if you are told that you are good and loved you will behave in like manner and attract that which is good and lovely to you.
Look at your goodness and not your faults.  You are precious and magnificent.  Feel good about yourself.  Shine your love and light.  Be confident with who you are!   Don’t ever put yourself down to others as they will see you as you see yourself.  So many people look to establish relationships outside of themselves to make them feel good and loved. When you are filled with self-loathing you’re incapable of loving another.  Only when you establish a loving relationship with yourself and God can you truly love another unconditionally.
You are precious!


© 2012 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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