Sunday, May 13, 2012


Dear ones you are never alone.  God is always with you for he is inside of you.  It is you who has alienated yourself from God.  In other words your mind has taken over control of your heart.  Sit in silence and switch off your mind.  Concentrate on your heart center.  Feel it fill with warmth and love as you take deep breaths in and let them escape out slowly.  Breathe God’s love into your being and release your love to God and out into the Universe.  By doing this you will be connecting to the Spirit and Light of God that swirls inside of you and outside of you and you will also be sending love out into the world.  When you send love out into the world, love returns to you.
Remember God is omnipresent.  He is everywhere, in everything and in everyone.  He has appointed his guardians and angels to be present with you always.  You are never ever alone.  In fact you have more company than you can ever imagine.  It’s just a matter of clearing your mind that fogs your senses.  Connect with God.  Imagine him, feel and sense his presence with you.
Our Creator has given us the most wonderful gift and that gift is imagination.  This gift assists us during our earthly journey to connect with Him in this third dimension.  Imagination is a very powerful creative force and a beautiful gift when it is used properly and purely.  Using your imagination immediately connects you to God’s source and energy.   Imagination is the seeing eye.  As we are in the third dimension we cannot see the lighter beings who are with us as it is almost as if a veil has been thrown over our eyes.  Only once we achieve a higher consciousness in other words a higher dimension, then the veil is lifted, and it becomes easy to see and connect with these pure lighter beings.
When you are feeling lonely and sad imagine God and His angels with you.  You will be connecting to their energy and will immediately sense and feel their presence with you.  Imagine them standing right next to you with their heads bent listening to you.  Imagine them encircling you with their love and energy.  Imagine them giving you a big hug.  This will immediately lift your sadness and you will automatically feel loved and you will feel peace.  Your spirits will lift and you will discover that the loneliness you felt before is no longer with you for it has walked out the door.  You see you would have quietened your mind and would have filled it with loving, peaceful and happy thoughts.  It's a matter of training your mind and releasing it's power over you.  Control your mind, don't let it control you.
You may be with a crowd of people and still feel lonely.  The feeling of loneliness is only the perception of your mind.  When you establish a deep bond and relationship with God and realise that God is within you, and that He is always with you, you will never feel lonely again.
Remember this.  It is imperative to have a time to be alone, for by doing this you will be drawing on God's energy and love and this will give you strength and wisdom to face the heaviness of this world.
You are so loved.
Blessings to everyone!

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