Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Twin Flames: Remembering

Many of us are at this time, connecting with our Twin Flames and as this happens it can be quite unnerving or even confusing.  Recognizing your Twin Flame has a definite effect on you spiritually, mentally and physically.  To some it can be a life altering experience.  It may even be a shock to you as this occurrence normally happens when you least expect it. 
I have explained what Twin Flames are and their purpose in my previous blogs.
Twin Flames: Part One, Two, Three, Four & Five.
I wish to share these very informative links with you from Insight, Inspiration, In Spirit, Blog by Gabriella Hartwell. 

Doubt comes from the Mind and Truth Comes From Your Heart.

The Twin Flame Journey and Reunion.  Remembering.

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