Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Breaking Down Walls!

Many of us find it difficult to express and show our feelings to others afraid that we may appear weak.  As a defence mechanism we build up barriers to protect us.  We are taught not to show any form of emotion as it’s a form of weakness.  You know the expressions “Big Boys don’t cry,” “Take it like a man,” and ‘don’t cry you sissy.”  Well whoever or wherever these expressions were originated started a violation on the human spirit, that’s for sure.

Remember when Jesus heard that Lazarus had died, he cried. 

"When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come with her, also weeping, He was deeply moved in spirit, and was troubled, and said, 'Where have you laid him?' They said, 'Lord, Come and see.' Jesus wept. And so the Jews were saying, 'Behold, how He loved Him!" (John 11:33-36).

Even though Jesus knew that He would soon raise Lazarus from the dead, He was moved with intense compassion for those who were mourning the death of Lazarus.  He showed his emotions.

Those with compassion are able to "weep with them that weep" and everyone ought to have this ability (Romans 12:15). By the way, Jesus  continues to watch with compassion over us today as well, as is shown by His standing at the right hand of God ready to receive Steven's spirit as Steven was being murdered for his faith in Jesus (Acts 8:55,56).

Jesus was passionate, strong and direct, he was not a passive man as so many assume.  He was the mighty power and strength of God’s spirit.  He wept for Lazarus for it was the Holy Spirit flowing in him and it was completely natural for him to cry and release his emotions. 

Grieving and crying is a gift of healing that God has given us to heal our aching hearts and just like Jesus, we must weep when our souls are hurting it is perfectly normal and natural.

Showing and telling someone we love them, is also the most normal and natural part of the human spirit as we are filled with God’s love.  It’s a sin not to be able to share your love with others every day.  Some of us forget to tell others that we love them as we have become too busy or perhaps too self-absorbed with ourselves.  What a shame this is because at the end of the day, who's to know if you will ever see that person again.  Every moment of every day that we spend with another is a precious gift that God has given us.  Life is so precious.  It is not to be taken for granted and neither are others for they breathe the spirit of life into their veins as much as we do. 

It takes great strength of character to show love to another.  God has given us the ability to speak. Use this wonderful gift and communicate your love to others.  Animals and birds communicate their love to each other so why is to so difficult for the human race?

 Feeling foolish about telling someone that you love and appreciate them is a sign of an immature and egotistical person.  When you tell someone you love them it lifts their spirits and yours too.  Even if the other should reject your love you know that you have planted your seed of love into their hearts.  It will grow and as it grows it will overflow to others.  Loving someone is not about what you can get from the other but it is a selfless act of unconditional love.  You love them from your heart and not from your mind. You love them because you do.  Never be ashamed of your feelings of love.  Love should not be buried or kept hidden.  It must be shown and given freely.  Express your love for as your release it, your heart will open and more love will come your way.  It’s the Law of Attraction.  What you give you shall receive.

Love your way through life and it will be good to you!

 Blessings to everyone!

© 2012 Debra Heylen. All Rights Reserved.

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