Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happiness and Bliss!

"Happiness is a state of the mind;
it just depends on how open your mind is
 to receiving all that happiness has to offer."

We are spiritual beings living in a material world and some of us have lost our spiritual connection and so we choose to cling to what we can see, touch, and feel; physically. Material things in this moment of our reality are only but a fleeting moment of pleasure to our souls. I would describe it as a butterfly flying past our soul touching it ever so softly and quickly; in that moment it tickles and tantalises us, but then it is gone with in a flash as it flies away quickly. There is no lasting effect or true happiness when we focus on material things.

No happiness can be achieved through the body either. The body only gives us a moment of pleasure as it does with pain. We live in a world of duality the same degree of happiness we experience will ultimately result with the same amount of pain we experience in the physical world.

When our minds are closed or asleep we tend to concentrate on the feelings of our body such as food and sex. It’s a seeking of pleasure rather than a discovery of happiness. If the need for sex is repressed then we become addicted to food and vice versa. The energy within us swings like a pendulum. Sexual energy accumulates making us tense and heavy giving us a need to release it. The need is never satisfied and the feeling of ecstasy can never be kept. The pleasure of these experiences can never be relieved or satisfied as the tension and need within us keeps returning to us.

“The man who is asleep,
his sexuality is nothing but a relief,
like a good sneeze.
 It gives you nothing but a certain relief.
 A tension was there, now it is no more there;
 but it will accumulate again.
 Food gives you only a little taste on the tongue;
 it is not much to live for.
But many people are living only to eat;
there are very few people who eat to live.”

By Osho

Only when our minds are open and we connect with our spiritual selves, our souls and our connection to source will we then be able to experience the climax of true happiness in other words bliss.

When we’re in a state of happiness we are able to appreciate music and poetry more. Our creativity is enhanced and we find the beauty in nature exhilarating. Silence for our minds also brings us happiness. We find things that we had never enjoyed before and this becomes far more lasting.

Happiness becomes more of a quality and less of quantity; it’s more psychological and less physiological. The difference between pleasure and true happiness is an enrichment to the soul rather than a mere tantalise or relief to it.

When we’re in a happy state we become full and overflowing. Listening to beautiful music triggers a harmony within us and we become more musical. Our bodies instantly respond as our soul rejoices to the wonderful sounds the music is vibrating to it. We may even begin to sway or dance. Our bodies become weightless no gravity can hold us as we move into a different space or realm. Even if the music stops the lingering continues. This state is far higher and far more profound and deeper that any mere pleasure can give us.

When we are able to consciously live in the moment of our reality not looking back in the past or towards the future but enjoying and becoming the moment, and connecting with our soul and with source in our immediate moment, only then we will be able to achieve true bliss. Happiness gives us a leg up to reach a higher state of consciousness that enables us to achieve bliss, the true happiness within. Remember bliss is divine. It gives us freedom; we can move forward; it gives us wings to fly and it enables us to discover so much more about ourselves. We become the light and the joy. Bliss becomes us; it is our being; our nature. To attain it, is to touch God.


© 2012 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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