Friday, February 17, 2012

Troubled Times!

A message from the Holy Spirit!

Dear ones many of you are facing adversity in your lives right now. This road that you are walking and struggling along is but a short road and yet to some of you it seems so very long and tiresome. This is only because of your wavering thoughts and your lack of trust in me. When you become sure footed in your trust and faith in me, and you place your hand in my hand this road will become short, clear and smooth.

Please don’t give way to your fears, worries and stresses of your minds. You are not alone, for I am with you. Call to me, connect with me. I will give you the wisdom and the strength to walk through your perceived storm that whirls around you at this very moment of your life. I will lead you safely to your destination. And along our journey together, I will show you many wonderful and amazing things about yourself that you have yet to discover.

Always remember dear ones that whatever you feel emotionally and physically, so do I. I am in you. I experience your pain and sufferings but as I call and turn within you, it is useless, for your minds control your soul. I love you and I offer you strength, hope and compassion. Please let me embrace you and give me the opportunity to help you. I have given you free will and it is only by your calling and asking of me that I can assist you.

Dear ones when you set your minds on positive and pure things, your troubled minds will be set free. Do not focus on your earthly struggles or pain and give it any attention, but rather focus on loving others and being kind and outreaching to them. This will erase the mental pictures you have of these troubles that seem so real to you at this moment.

I surround you with love, peace and comfort. Breathe with me and you will feel me. Take a moment to experience me for I am there … inside of you. Stop your rush and constant striving to achieve worldly success and materialism for this is a futile goal. Instead, it is better for you to focus on your spiritual journey with me for this is the very reason that you have been birthed into existence. This experience you are having is going to pass away and all the worldly successes and all your possessions cannot follow you or help you. I assure you, the only things that will follow you, will be the spiritual knowledge you have gained and the love in your soul. Everything else falls away.

There is nothing more powerful than my love for you and I will never let you be overcome by things that you cannot bear. Do not give up, for I offer you HOPE, LOVE, WISDOM AND STRENGTH at all times.

My love and peace is with you!

© 2012 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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