Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Forever Love - Happy Valentines Day!

Forever Love!

In 12 life times I could not have spent
 24 hours more infinitely
 infinite than the timeless minutes
 I've spent with you.
  I need you like the day needs the night,
the moon needs the sun,
 two souls fused together as one ...

Notice how perfectly we fit into each other.
This is more than Deja vu.
These two separate souls instrumental in passion
more than physical eroticism,
playing together making one song,
in perfect harmony into one great symphony
 of the Universe.

Designed to always meet
like Swallows of Capistrano.
The salmon that swims up stream
 we are meant to be.
Linked by some ancient spiritual DNA code,
that no force short of God can demagnetize.

Wherever I am,
whatever the time and space,
I will know you,
no matter what form your body takes,
mere physics will not change your being,
or your touch.
And when I look into your eyes,
I'll see the reflections of our love
multiplied to infinity.

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