Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creativity: A Gift of Life!

As an artist paints a picture on a canvas and brings it to life with his or her imagination, so can you create your life with your thoughts, imagination and intentions.

When you focus on what it is you need in your life and give it your full attention it will come about. The Angels are always around to help us with our manifestations and creations. Some people don’t know how to begin or what it is they truly want or need in their lives, and this is when the Angels can assist you by guiding you. They will show you precisely what it is you need and what is good for you. They will clear the way for you. When you call upon them for their assistance in this regard they will give you signs in various ways. It’s important to keep a keen eye out for any unusual signs or synchronicity that may arise in your daily lives. Angels also guide you with your intuition, your feelings and with your emotions, so pay attention to how you feel in the moment for this will give you a signal for sure. Angels guide you too through your thoughts. If you have positive feelings and have positive thoughts passing through you, you will know for sure that these are the Angels assisting you. When you receive negative thoughts then you will know that this information is coming from your ego and it is very often fear based.

We are all made in the image of God and God is a creator of all things. Many of us have not tapped into our creative source but once we do, then a new experience of living opens up for us. Each one of us can change the course of our lives if we really put our minds and hearts to it. With a positive attitude and with good intentions we can change our life into a peaceful, loving, joyful and abundant one.

You can always call upon the Angels to show you what your creative talents are. They will show you how to use them too. When your creativity is blocked, call upon the Angels to clear the negative energies from you and to open and clear your chakras so that the flow of creativity inside can move and inspire your thoughts, visions, imagination and craftsmanship. Fear, laziness and lack of self-confidence are the only factors really blocking your creativity. Once these are removed from you, you will be amazed at what you can achieve and create. Go with the flow of the universe and you will be rewarded. Walk, work, live and create with the flow of life. As soon as we become fearful and resist the flow of the universe we become stuck and unglued, then stress and worry become our navigators instead.

Angels can open up all doorways for your success and creativity too. Release your intentions to them and they will assist you in all ways. Angels use others to assist us too when we need help so it is important to be open to others and to listen to what they are telling us because the Angels speak to us through them. You may run into someone who may be able to help you with your work or a telephone call from someone could be an opportunity for you. Once again I would advise you to use your intuition for it will tell you if what you are listening to is good advice or not or if this person is the right connection for you. The main thing is to be vigilant and aware of what is happening around you and follow the Angels lead.

I have mentioned that Angels work through our thoughts and very often you may question whether these thoughts are your own thoughts or from them. When I’m receiving information through my thoughts I always ask myself: “Is this information coming from me or is it coming to me?” The angels always answer if it’s from them.

I came across this wonderful meditation by Lisa Beachy. It’s a meditation working with Archangel Gabriel to help you with your creativity.  


You are blessed in every way. Give thanks to God for all of your special gifts and use them with good intentions and you will reap the rewards in the end. It pleases God when we are thankful and grateful for all that He has given us. When you use His special gifts he has given you, then you are delighting His heart!

God loves you and is with you always.


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