Friday, January 13, 2012

Under the moonlight - Twin Flames.

Under the Moonlight!
(A twinflame poem)

Soft lips of passion so soft and sweet,
Dancing so close with you under the moonlight,
My heartbeat beating in unison with yours,
As our breaths softly touch as we kiss so lovingly.

The stars so soft and gently mirror in your beautiful eyes so bright,
Coupled as soul mates together, my sweet blossom I love you,
Merge with me as we watch the stars upon this beautiful starlight night,
Serenading to you a soul mate song so full of love to you,
Gazing so deep and tenderly into your eyes as my breath softly touches yours.

You are the window of my soul,
As my breath soft and so lovingly touches yours,
Heartbeat after heartbeat, we merge together with the stars,
My heartbeat so soothing and calming as I pull you so close to me.

The stars around us begin to sparkle so beautiful tonight,
My beautiful blossom our love in the night skies is the star that always shines so bright,
I am so blessed to have you always each day in my life,
Kissing you ever so slowly as we dance underneath the moon,
Soft and gently kissing you as my breath touches yours as we merge within the stars so bright and we merge together  as one.

~Author Unknown.~

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