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Before I continue with the important message for 2012 I'd like to tell you that when I'm channelled by the Holy Spirit, The Angels, The Ascended Masters or my Spirit Guides I'm told who is giving me the message. I'm immediately linked to that light Spirit and what I write comes through quickly and precisely. When I'm writing the channelled messages I'm not aware of what the message is about as I'm not conscious of the words that are coming through. It's only after the message has been written that I'm able to come back to my own consciousness and read what has been channelled to me. This process is called [1] Automatic Writing and Channelling.

A message from the Holy Spirit!

My children this is your Father speaking to you. I am concerned that many of you fear the beginning of your new year. I name it “your new year” for there is no time but only this very moment that you are in. These [2] calendars and times that others have imposed upon you do not exist. They exist only in your minds. Brush away the times and calendars in your minds and live only in the moment of your lives. Do not fear the future for the future is still to be created. Many of you run to fortune tellers and read [3] predictions that have been given, but I tell you now only I, Alpha and Omega, am the one who is the knowledge and creator of all things. Not even my angels or any of my helpers of light possess any foresight into my consciousness of creation. They do not know when I will pull the switch on my creation. I ask you this one question “Why would I do such a thing?” Afterall, I created all that is, with Love.

My dear children I AM not a God who destroys but rather a God who creates and loves. “Destroy” this is a word that is unknown to me, it is a man made word imparted to my children by evil forces.

I have felt your tremors and fears within you. So many of you have been thinking and speaking of the end of my creation in your year 2012. This is not so. There indeed will be changes in my universe and on my earth but this is merely a recycling of the old and bringing in the new. It must be so for much becomes stagnant and crusty instead of flowing freely and purely as it should. It is very similar to your man made machines that require cleaning and greasing and replacing with new parts. So it is with my creation. The natural disasters that you have named are merely a clearing and cleaning of parts that have become stuck. The souls who have left your earth in this process have been brought into me and my light for they too had come to the end of their cycle on earth.

Dear ones I beseech you to rather spend your moment with positive and creative thoughts rather than with negative ones. This moment is a moment of connecting with me, yourself and with those around you. Please don’t fret for anything for you are all in me as I am in you. Communicate with me and I shall impart such wonderful inspiration and creativity to you. My wisdom will flow freely through you and out of you teaching others of the true way of living in their moment on my earth.

I shall send messengers of light to be with you as the changes occur on my earth. These messengers will prepare you and enlighten you with the knowledge you will need to help you through some transitions.

The main recycling will take place within each one of you. It is time for you my dear ones to be cleared and lifted gently up into a higher frequency for I long to relieve you of the heaviness that is bearing down upon each one of you. You will become as light as a feather without the burdens and worries of your moments ago. My light will shine brightly inside of you bursting outwardly into the universe connecting you and everything together. [4] Many of my souls who are double and yet one, will come together anointed and appointed by me. The purpose of this magnetic pull between these souls is to lift the vibrations of my earth and to be the peace makers for everyone. The love that they carry is my love for you. This love they will spill onto everyone they encounter. Many of you will be drawn to them by their magnetism and their light for they will guide you to me. Listen to these souls for they are consciously and collectively connected to one another and to me. Their telepathic connection is a gift I have given to each of these double souls to enable them to connect with their kind and to me so that they can achieve their mission for me, on my earth.

Now is the moment to release all negativity emanating from you. Your negativity is preventing my light from reaching you as you have formed a huge bubble of fog around yourselves and my earth. Your collective negative consciousness must be cleared so that I can bring you the abundance that you require. To help you with this cleansing I am sending many of my helpers to assist you. They will communicate telepathically with you. Open your closed minds and closed hearts to receive this help.

Release your obsession with these material things that you cling so tightly to. I am removing the evilness that these objects and exchanges have caused amongst you. Too many murders, thefts, greed, sloth, broken marriages and evil schemes have been a result of them. They will be removed from those who have made God’s of them. I have given you an abundance of land, fresh vegetation, fish, raw materials and minerals to supply your needs. Use them wisely and purely and you will be enriched with abundance and prosperity.

A change in the ownership of your divided countries will take place in the course of your many moments on earth. This too is a cleansing for my planet earth. Many of the poor will rise up against the elite and powerful stripping them of their power and wealth. Changes will begin taking place on my earth very soon in this regard. Do not fear these changes for I will give you strength and protection while this process is taking place.

My earth will have a major shift on it’s axis from north to south that is necessary to bring about a change to make way for the new earth to emerge and to flower. You will be for warned of this event. Look to the skies and you will see the signs. Prepare for this for I have given you enough knowledge and moments for this event. This major shift will not be in the moment of your 2012 but rather a slight shift in your now of that number.

This moment is precious for your souls to discover who you are as individual souls and reclaim your spiritual connection to me and to one another. This inward retreat will assist each one of you to access the wisdom and guidance you will need and it will be your shield and armour as these changes take place on my earth.

You are my beloved children and I am with you at all times. Know this that you need not fear these things that I have told you about for they will come and go as quickly as a blink of your eye for it is only but a moment of your reality in the life of your soul upon my planet.

I leave you with my love and peace beloved ones.





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