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What are Soul Mates?

Soul mates incarnated from a unique group that was discharged aeons ago from Source. They were together and were merged for ages as they descended through all the realms down to the physical. The older and wiser groups who have been together the longest are more similar, as they have shared more characteristics together. In other words they have picked up many peculiarities, traits and tendencies from one another. The probability of soul mates meeting in each incarnation is fairly slim.

When you meet your soul mate you will recognize the soul in the person. You are automatically drawn to that person and there is an instant liking and chemistry between the two souls. You will find that you both have similar interests and that your attitude towards life is the same. The quality of your soul level is also quite similar. You may both be compassionate, and may possess empathy for others and you may or may not be materialistically minded. In this relationship jealousy does not exist but only the desire to make each other happy. The love energy between Twin Souls is much more intense and stronger than this relationship. Love between soul mates can be between same sexes or between male or female, whereas love between Twin Souls is always with the opposite sex unless one of the twins has changed its sex for this particular incarnation. Soul Mates who are homosexual can have a strong and lasting love.

Every soul must experience everything in the universe before its return to Source. It is impossible for a single soul to do this. Therefore, a group of souls has been created so that each soul can experience as much as possible, but it isn’t necessary for each soul to gather all the experiences at once. When souls eventually assemble together they would have accumulated and gained enough knowledge and wisdom to benefit the whole of group.

The second function of the group is the return. The single soul cannot find its way back to Source. They can only find their way back once they are joined to the original group of souls. When these groups of souls have gained love and wisdom they join up with other groups of souls on their way back to Source.

Unfortunately Karma may have an effect on the entire group of souls as it is shared by all. If one soul goes astray the entire group has to pay for it. This may cause a delay for the souls to cross over and ascend as a whole group. However, whatever goodness the souls in the group have achieved, it is also beneficial for the entire group.

Love between Soul Mates as Married Couples.

The love between soul mates is very intense and strong. In fact quite a few of the well known and written love affairs have been based upon this relationship e.g. "Wuthering Heights," "Romeo and Juliet" and "Gone with the Wind."

Very often when soul mates marry, they may think that they are twin souls, but in fact they are not as there are different characteristics between soul mates and twin souls. Even though the love between soul mates is very strong they need to grow spiritually. If soul mates do not achieve spiritual growth it can lead to disagreements and misunderstandings resulting in separations or divorces. These unhappy situations can benefit the soul in the long run by helping the soul to reflect on its shortcomings and enable it to improve upon its past mistakes. On the whole, there is much more harmony and peace in a household headed by two soul mates than a family headed by two souls from different groups.

Soul mate relationships are purely for spiritual growth. Souls are able to grow and learn far more by interacting with each other. They are able to learn valuable lessons about loving one another and also loving themselves. A loving and spiritually bonded soul mate marriage is a good example for the children in this family as it helps them to mature spiritually too.

It is most important for the married soul mates to work on unconditional love for each other and for those around them. They must learn to put the needs of others before them. When unconditional love is achieved the soul mates are then able to love everyone else the same, even those souls from different groups.

Can there be a number of Soul Mates within a Family?

The answer is not very often. Should they incarnate in one genetic family it would probably only be two or three in number, but the normal number is two. These relationships would be sister and brother, father and daughter or mother and son, or husband and wife. Twin Souls never incarnate into the same family unless they are husband and wife the reason being the incestuous tendencies that may exist in soul mate relationships.

Earthy families provide a wonderful place for souls to grow spiritually as there is a mixture and diversity of souls from different soul groups who are on different levels of maturity. The more advanced souls are able to guide and teach the lesser developed souls. Even though souls in one family fall into a vibrational range some of them may be from different soul groups and even from different universes. If this is the case this may cause a lot of conflict amongst family members. This is where divorce, arguments, wife abuse, and even murder may take place. Bad Karma is then incurred.

What are Companion Soul mates?

These are soul mate couples in the same soul group who have created strong relationships over many incarnations. They may incarnate as husband and wife, brother and sister, father and daughter or mother and son. They may also be just friends. These companion soul mates may have incarnated together over and over many times, and are not twin souls. Their love for each other is the strongest amongst all soul mates, but still it not as strong and powerful as that of a twin soul relationship.

Can Soul Mates be Platonic Friends?

Yes there can be true soul mate friendships without sexual involvement. They may be friendships of the same sex or between male and female. These friendships are strong. Unconditional love is the name of the game between these soul mate friendships. Very often soul mate friendships between same sexes can be mistaken as homosexuality or extramarital relationships. Invariably these friendships last a life time. These friendships are able to triumph over all sorts of adversities and hardships. Some of these friendships may also be companion soul mates even though no sex is involved.

Can soul mates be in groups?

There may be more than two to three soul mates together. These soul mates are brought together for a single mission or purpose. They may be found in politics, religion, in academics or even in military groups e.g. a group of scientists put together to do breakthrough research or a group of political activists with the aim of destroying a corrupt government. These soul mates come together for the good of humanity.

Jesus and His 12 disciples are a good example of this soul mate relationship. You may question whether Judas was a soul mate of Jesus and the answer would surely be yes as Judas’ betrayal was instrumental in Jesus’ death and sacrifice so that each soul could have redemption and eternal life.

What about groups of advanced soul-mates in service?

Throughout history there have been periods when groups of advanced souls have incarnated to earth to enrich earth’s art and scientific stature. In music, the era of Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Bach, and Haydn has never been repeated. No other period has had so many gifted souls incarnate together over such a short period. In the art there were the souls of the great master painters like Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael etc who incarnated to earth and also the genius souls of Newton, Copernicus, Galileo and Einstein. These geniuses did not incarnate together at the same time, but each soul brought with it scientific and philosophical thoughts during a short span of time e.g. within a couple of centuries, which is short in cosmic time. Then in psychology there were the souls of Freud, Jung, Adler, Rank and Reich who gave us an insight into psychology. Again throughout history, authors of great literature came down in waves in different countries like Russia, China, England and France and America.

These soul-mate groups may not have incarnated at the same time, but their mission was singular and so was their locality: e.g. Europe and the United States. The gifted musicians were mainly from Austria and Germany. The psychologists were from Europe. So one can see that these various groups of souls had a mission to inspire divine music and art and uplift the standard of science. It may be wise to say that the great English writers who have incarnated during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries may come from the same group of souls.

In my next blog I will write about Twin Souls.

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