Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twin Flames: Part Four

The Breath of God is the force of Divine Action. The reunion of the Keepers of the Flame is ultimately the Unification, or personification of the Trinity: The Twin Flames and The Christ Consciousness. This is the ultimate goal: the reunion with our Twin, to create and amplify the Harmonic Intonation of Completion and to be of service of all sources of Goodness and Pure Light.

Twin Souls are like two magnets they seem separate but the energy between them is one. When these two magnets come together side by side there is no room for any other factor to come between them. Two humans who are twins are the magnets. The energy between them is their love and they need to be together. When they come together as one body they create perfection. This then becomes the Trinity of the God, Goddess and the Creator as one living and breathing being. Nothing can get between the Twins that is negative because they have formed the Sacred Triangle. The Male is the key and the Female is the gateway. Joining them together opens the door to complete love and bliss. It opens the door for the Divine to pass through and reside on earth. When this is complete it will ultimately bring change on earth. Twins need to come together to create balance on earth as humanity has forgotten how to love each other. Twins always incarnate on planets that need help. Earth is one of those planets.

Awakened twin flames have fully incarnated their higher self and are aware that they have only one higher self between the two of them. Soul mates are individual souls who each have a higher-self. The awakened twin flames with their higher twin self have a direct connection with the over-self or Creator Source. In other words this is an automatic frequency that is from the Christ Consciousness. Twin flames have complete trust in themselves and their Creator for information and wisdom. Fully awakened infused Twin Souls are fully aware of their previously planned and selected incarnations for the development of their personal skills, character and intuitive faculties for their mission for this particular lifetime. They automatically are drawn together to fulfil their mission on earth. The awakened or fused twin flames are the physical embodiment of the male and female form and are manifest in this physical reality in the body, mind spirit altercation.

How to Prepare for Our Twin?

We prepare by growing spiritually, so that we become whole and independent. We have to increase our vibrations by eradicating greed, lust and anger. From our normal selfishness we repeatedly convert it to selflessness. The greatest task is to humble ourselves, otherwise pride would blind us to our twin. Then comes a stage of divine discontent, which can be obliterated by forgiveness. Forgive oneself first and then forgive the others. Then learn to love oneself and then others. In the life before the one in which we would be meeting our twins we should be well developed spiritually. Our mission is known, and we would be pursuing our life plan with determination and joy. There would be self-discipline. One twin could be running parallel jobs without realizing the presence of the other. And yet, one twin is helping the other through energy interchange. This process is not recognized by both. The best way to increase our spiritual status is to go inwards. Summarizing the methods for preparation to meet our twin:

Spiritual discipline: Adopt a spiritual discipline, which includes meditation. The latter would accomplish silence and stillness with emptiness of thoughts. In that silence and stillness a small little voice will surface to let us know what further steps to take. This discipline would also help us to eradicate lust, greed, anger, selfishness and pride. It is of course a slow process, but with meditation it is faster than any other method. In the depth of that emptiness and stillness, bliss will automatically arise, and if one is able to retain that bliss, joy and happiness will be our lot throughout the day. ‘Be still and know that I am God’.

Let go: While on this path, the essential goal would be to let go. One must be satisfied with what material comfort that is available to us. ‘Enough is enough’ should be everybody’s motto. Our home is the spirit world.

Our path and skills: We are all endowed with certain skills, carried over from past lives. We follow our propensities and the one that gives us the most happiness should be grasped and developed as a profession or vocation. It may not be lucrative at all, but nevertheless it is satisfying. With this talent as his lifework he may be able to earn a living as well as provide a service to mankind. That means if one’s job were to help the handicapped, the aged sick or retarded children then one’s occupation would also be part of one’s spiritual growth. If our work is to teach the young, equally one should put one’s heart and soul into the teaching and not merely take the teaching as earning one’s keep. The teacher should also instill spiritual qualities in his instructions.

Nature and Nurture: In our recreation, one should indulge in nature. Exercising on the beach or in the woods or amongst the trees is par excellence. Walking in the woods, swimming in the seas and gardening to grow flowers and bushes for beauty should be actively cultivated. Other forms of recreations should include appreciation of classical music. Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert and Mahler are the music of choice. If one is not familiar with these composers, try to learn to appreciate them. Loud, rock music especially of the hard metal variety should be avoided at all costs, because these types of music would definitely end up in deafness and it also arouses our third chakra to unseemly proportions. Lastly, one should care for this body and mind. Proper food, vegetables and fish, and avoidance of alcohol, drugs and smoking constitute clean living. Then enough rest in the form of sleep should do for the ordinary person, but for the spiritually minded, meditation is a must.

The penultimate step: From now onwards we must behave as if every relationship could possibly be the ultimate one. She or he may not be the right one, but at least we know how to behave when we finally meet the real twin. Every time we enter into a relationship, we treat the other person as if he or she is our twin. The other person’s happiness must be above our own. We go to great lengths to make the other happy and secure even to our own detriment. One must remember that at this penultimate stage, both twins are on the verge of enlightenment and periods of loneliness or solitude invariably accompanies the seekers. These periods of loneliness are a false sense of separation from our soul. Therefore, meditating inwards to realize our true self is an immediate solution. When our true self is realized, bliss is there. The loneliness and sadness will vanish right away with the light accompanying the soul.

False Twin.

Sometimes in our enthusiasm we see a twin when he or she is not one. In a joyful relationship, the mistake is understandable. However, the mistake may be stretched until both parties are hurt, more so by the dreamer. We grab at the similarities and enlarge them to fantasy level. Then when the relationship is dying, when everybody else can see it, the illusion is still perpetuated to our great cost.

With our karma we formulate our G-plan (life plan) before coming down to earth. Our G-plan can still be modified or changed because of our freedom of choice. On the other hand in the matter of our twin, there is no choice. From the moment we individualize, our twin is destined to come back to us in the final incarnation. No amount of imagination or wishing can bring forth our twin at the time we want it.

In our loneliness, we are very vulnerable. We ourselves may construct the delusion and the make belief will drive us further away from our true twin. So-called gurus, who will pronounce to a lonely woman that she is his twin soul, may also accentuate the illusion. After some time the guru will discard this ‘twin’ and go for another. The same ploy is used. Because he is a guru the woman tends to believe him implicitly. Sometimes the guru even mentions that he has two twins! This false guru dazzles the disciple with his light, as the victim wants to believe because of her loneliness, and it is better to have a twin who is a guru than to have one who is an ordinary person.

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