Thursday, December 8, 2011

Symptoms of Awakening and Kundalini

Since my spiritual awakening I have had strange symptoms. It was very worrying so I did research about it and found that the symptoms I had were normal for a spiritual awakening. Many of us have been awakened but we are not aware of the different changes that occur within us when this happens and we do not know how to cope with such things. I have added links to various web sites and videos for a more detailed look at these symptoms which I have found to be of a tremendous help to me.

As I mentioned in my blog about my journey with God, I have always been close to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I was baptised in the Spirit when I was a young girl and was blessed with the gift of tongues. It was only after my awakening that I was able to experience the fullness of God’s greatness and I have been blessed with gifts from His Spirit.

My “true awakening” happened after I had finished my early morning prayers and meditation in 2005. I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini rising and a merging with my Twin Soul, spiritually. The Twin Flame energy was ignited inside of me and since then my spiritual journey has been an amazing and exciting experience. It has been one filled with unconditional love for everyone and for all of creation. My journey has taken me on amazing discoveries about myself and of everything and everyone around me. My consciousness to amazing insights has been opened. I have been completely awestruck at the intensity and power of God’s great love, His beautiful spirit and His awesome power. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this kind of awakening was at all possible. I have also been allowed the privilege of experiencing the magnitude of God's love for His creation of souls and for the universe. It is impossible to describe God’s love for us, the only way I could best describe it is ‘it’s sweetly pure and gentle; breathtakingly beautiful and very powerful.   Since my awakening I have experienced an intense closeness and oneness with God, the Universe and with my Twin Soul. My insatiable need to do spiritual research has become a prerogative and a matter of urgency and necessity. A yearning to be one with God and my Twin Soul is beyond words. I have also been blessed with the gift of channelling messages from the Holy Spirit, The Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings. God has blessed me by using me as His vehicle to heal others physically, spiritually and emotionally.  My psychic abilities have increased.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that all this was possible, but it is. It’s a miracle and all I can add is that I am eternally grateful to our blessed Father and I am so humbled to be loved by Him.


I’m sure that this information will help all of you who are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening. It will assist you to cope with all the changes occurring within you and in your outer lives. It certainly put my mind at ease because I was afraid at one point that I was going “crazy”.

Here are videos explaining the Awakening symptoms and signs:


For those of you who do not know what Kundalini is, I have posted videos about it.

In my following blogs I will be discussing soul mates and twin souls.

God bless you all!

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