Thursday, December 22, 2011

Laws of Frequencies or Vibrations

Fear is a heavy vibration (low frequency). Calmness, peace and love are light ones (high frequency). Humour dissolves difficult situations and lifts the energy. Love heals the treacle of grief. High, light vibrations dissolve and transmute low, heavy ones. While panic rampages like a wildfire if unchecked, the presence of one calm person douses the flames and soothes everyone’s fears.

Janey absolutely dreaded visiting her in-laws. Christmas was coming and she feared that it would be the usual very difficult heavy time. Her father-in-law was fat and pompous, her mother-in-law- was plump and plaintive, while her husband’s brother and sister were seriously boring people.

Christmas day arrived and Janey decided to lift her vibration. How was she going to do that? It dawned on her to use her imagination … mm mm. Why not picture her in-laws as animals. The thought made her smile immediately as she pictured her father-in-law as a penguin, her mother-in-law as a cow, her brother-in-law as a horse and her sister-in-law as a sheep.

As Janey sat at the festive table with the penguin, the cow, the horse and the sheep around her, bubbles of laughter rose up in her as she watched the interaction between the animals. In her imagination she saw the penguin shovelling a fish into his mouth. She heard the cow mooing to the bleating sheep. She couldn’t stop herself laughing. Her laughter was infectious and soon everyone was giggling without quite knowing why. It was the best Christmas she ever had. Afterwards the family said what a real pleasure it had been to see her looking so happy. Her lightness had changed their attitude.

Angels have a wonderful sense of humour and love the vibration of laughter. They take themselves lightly and their presence makes you feel lighter.

Cynical or critical people send out darts of low-frequency energy. Anger and rage are low-vibratory energies too. Underlying them is always fear and a feeling of powerlessness. When we stay calm and centred, we sustain a high vibration. We are empowered. When we hold this energy we can speak our truth. As we calmly express how we feel it dissolves the feelings of anger and rage.

You know the saying “One bad apple infects the whole barrel” well the same applies to people. One bad person can corrupt others who are weak but has no impact on strong people.

“However, a strong person of pure dedicated intention can positively influence bad people.”

We all know that animals respond to frequencies. A dog will growl if you are frightened of it. A horse will immediately know if you are scared and respond accordingly. Teachers know that if they are nervous or stressed the children in their class will behave abominably. If you are feeling strong, confident and loving all creatures and plants will respond positively to the high frequency you emit.

Angels have a high frequency vibration. Simply thinking about them raises your consciousness.

To do something because you feel you should or ought to do it has a low vibration. Guilt or feelings of obligation are not good reasons for doing things. When you change your attitude or decide to do what you genuinely want to do, you radiate high-frequency energy.

“The sooner we do only those things which give us a sense of joy and enthusiasm, the more quickly we will raise our frequency and that of those around us.

Lack of self-worth comes from negative self-talk. It is black imagination and, needless to say, emits a low vibration. On the other hand, self-worth and confidence radiate high-frequency light.

There is a fairy tale about a little duck who felt he was different and ugly. He believed that nobody wanted to be with him. So the little duck isolated himself from his fellow ducklings because he felt so alone. He persuaded himself he was different and undesirable to be with. Then one day an enormous and very beautiful white bird floated regally towards him across the lake. It was a swan, who addressed him in surprise, “What are you doing here amongst these ducks? You’re not a duckling. You are a swan.” From the moment the little cygnet learnt who he really was, he felt transformed. He held his head high. He realised that, as a swan he really was different and he was proud of it. He knew he was going to grow up into a beautiful white bird. From that moment he acted as a swan. He radiated confidence and self-worth.

Always remember who you truly are. You are an amazing being. You are beautiful, incredible and vibrant. When you realise this and act as a master of light you radiate a high vibration.

All you have to do is realise who you are and accept it.

You can even use your imagination to breathe confidence, joy or beautiful colours into your aura. You can visualise positive solutions to your challenges. This will raise you into a high-frequency being.

When you live your life with charm, grace, joy, integrity, generosity and any of the other great qualities, you will automatically dissolve the low-frequency emissions of others and raise them to a higher level. Under the Law of Karma, wonderful things will start coming back to you.

Swearing forms a heavy, dark thought-cloud. Thoughts of violence, hurt, abuse, jealousy, guilt and any other negative emotion does too. They can be transmuted by forgiveness, compassion and joy. Chanting om and other sacred mantras and prayers raises a high-frequency energy. So does saying the name of God and Jesus and also the names of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters and Saints. Spiritual books, classical music and beautiful paintings raise the vibrations of a room. If enough people focus light into an area of a town where there has been darkness and violence, goodness and peace will take over. Illness or disease does have heavy vibrations which blocks the flow of vital life-force. Healing takes place when high-frequency energy is channelled to that person. It transmutes the heavy vibration of the illness and allows health to blossom.

Wealth has a vibration. If you wish to be rich think rich.

Success has its own frequency. Seek out and mix with successful people and your vibrations will start to match theirs.

If you wish to increase your spiritual light, mix with spiritual people so that your vibration and theirs start to merge.

In order to bring love and light into the planet, bring in columns of white light to allow the angels and higher beings to enter. With your thoughts, create bridges of light to people and places, so that help and healing may go to them.

Your name has a vibration. When it is spoken it calls in your lessons. Before you were born you telepathically imparted the name you wished to be called to your parents. Many children are called by a nickname or abbreviated form of their name. This is because they cannot cope with all their lessons coming to them at that time. Often when they are older they use their full name. If you change your name, you call in new lessons. If your name is said crossly, especially when you are a child, you get the impression that your lessons are difficult. When it is said lovingly you know that you can handle what is presented to you harmoniously.

These are the lessons you are learning if you have the following vowels in your name:

a. Purification. This is about letting go of angers and other negative energies or beliefs that you hold. Release the old.

e. Relationships. You are learning to relate to others harmoniously and with integrity.

i. Awareness. You are learning to be aware of who you are and what the world is about.

o. Innocence. You are learning to live in your essence. This is about living for the now and being you. Express your true self.

u. Boundaries. You are learning to set your boundaries. Know what emotions are yours and what belongs to others. Do not carry other people’s responsibilities.

Say your name and everyone else’s with great love and you will automatically feel and spread love.

“Radiate pure energy and you will transmute the unhappiness of those around you.”

Extracts from: A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper.

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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