Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We send you a special message.

Dearest Ones,

Why have you forgotten your inner-child and your innocence of life?  We do not hear enough laughter coming from your plane.  This celebration of our Lord was once and enchantment of souls and yet the sparkle of this enchantment has been snuffed out by the materialism and worries of your minds.  "This is a time to be jolly" cannot be stressed enough but not only this time but every day of your lives.

Your life is about learning in an inquisitive way. Stop! Listen! See! Feel! There is enchantment that surrounds you at all times. Go outside, leave your homes for a while and walk in God’s kingdom, in the nature He has provided you with. The surrounds is where you can connect with God’s spirit, our energies and the energies of the Fairy Kingdom. When you look at life around you as the children do, you will discover the magic around you and a new world will open up for you. Don’t dismiss this message as whimsical for it is given to you with love, purity and light.

Listen to music too for it lifts your hearts and minds and allows you to take flight into another dimension. It lifts your souls and vibrations higher and higher and clears your minds from all worries and stresses.

Let go of the drudgeries of life instead and free your souls for when you are free you will be inspired with many wonderful creative ideas. Your hearts will open wide and the love you are yearning for will come to you and it will pour itself into your hearts.

Savour your time on earth and listen to your self very closely. If you take a moment to listen Shhh … do you hear that? That sound you hear within your heart is very dear to you, for that is you, the inner you speaking through your closest feelings. The feelings you so often ignore and push away, in ignorance to their source and the information that they carry to you. Take time to, ever slowly, breathe in and listen to your heart. What is it you dream for your futures dear ones? You can trust this voice to not steer you wrong for it will guide you along a path that you have long forgotten. Sing its ancient melody now, sweet ones! Whisper its tune, which you carry within your heart. And you will feel a stirring rise within your depths, the likes of which has never happened this side of heaven in your time.

The playful nature of your soul stirs restlessly within, and we tickle its growing awareness that cause it to explore this playground that we call “Earth.” The soul stretches its arms with delight at its release into the sunlight of play and fun.

Come home, sweet heavenly child. Come home by these heartstrings that draw you nearer and nearer!

We are the Angels & we are always with you!

Praise God always!

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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