Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Prayer

Dear Father, I kneel before you with a humbled heart as your son Jesus Christ did so many times. I ask you Lord to please bless everyone over this time of celebration on Jesus Christ’s birthday. Father I pray especially for all those who are suffering at this time. I lift those who are sick, who are lonely, who are poor, who are hungry, who need shelter and who are broken hearted up to you. Dearest Lord I ask that you will give them comfort, protection, healing, food, shelter, and faith. Bring love, joy and peace into their lives and grant them a miracle that their lives will change for the better, now and in the New Year. Dearest Father, give them the ability to see you and to know that you are always there with them. Touch them and move them Lord with your Holy Spirit and they will know that you are their strength and their protector.

Dearest Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit will enter every place on earth as we celebrate your precious son, Our Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday and may your presence be felt by everyone.

My sweet Father, I pray for all of humanity that you will guide us back into your fold. Drive away all evil that exists upon our planet in Jesus Christ’s name let this be done. Protect our world and all the animals, plants, birds and fish. Heal our planet and remove all that is impure from our earth, our skies and our waters. Fertilize the earth’s soil that abundant crops will grow to feed everyone living on this planet. Dearest Father let your peace reside in every place upon this earth. Remove those who seek to destroy your world and your creation. I ask you to shower this earth and all of humanity in your Divine Light and enfold us with your Divine Love. Open the hearts of those who have closed their hearts and dust away the cobwebs of their minds that they may remember you and see you once again. Let every tongue on earth and in heaven profess the Glory of your Name “Yahweh.”

Oh Lord, send all your Angels down to our earth to be with us here. I ask your angels to guide us here at all times. Dearest Father please remove all obstacles preventing us all from ascending up to you. Help us and guide us to follow in Jesus Christ’s footsteps. When we falter please pick us up and set us on the right path again for we are weak at times dear Lord. Forgive us for our weaknesses and our sins and please remind us to be strong with our faith and help us to completely trust in you always. Remove the fear that grips our hearts and minds when we are weak.

I give you thanks and praise Lord Jesus for coming to our Earth and blessing us with your love, light, gifts, and wisdom. Father the remembrance of your self sacrifice will never be removed or destroyed from my heart and the hearts of your beloved children. We will always love you and we shall praise your name forever.

Thank you Dear Father for hearing my prayers.  I end this prayer to you with Psalm 23.  Amen.

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