Friday, December 2, 2011

Beware Wolves!

A channelled message from the Holy Spirit!

Dearest ones, it hurts me deeply to know how many of my children are misguided on earth. They have twisted my words to suit their own egotistic ways. Do you not know the repercussions this has on you and everyone around you? Did my Son not speak of it when He was here with you? Your houses of prayers and worship have become money markets. They are also houses of judgement and condemnation of others’ faiths. Do not be fooled for I see within your hearts. I know everything about you and all of your motives.

The children, who enter these houses of prayers and open their hearts and lives to me with all good intentions, have gotten them selves terribly confused and lost along the way. Their egos are filled with self righteousness. Take a look at yourself please. Who has given you the right to condemn others for their ways of worshiping me? Do you honestly know what lies in their hearts? Are you omniscient and without blemish? My answer to you is NO! Remember you are my chosen ones, and you are the ones who are supposed to lay the foundation for my works and my love for others to follow, but instead you are condemning everyone. Please don’t hurt or chase my beloved children away from me with your overbearing self-righteousness and criticisms. Don’t twist my words to justify your misguided understanding of such things. There are many of my so called followers who  are self-righteous and they have shunned and written off my children because of their misconceptions. I live in everyone and my seed is within everyone regardless of their different religions, be it Judaism, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, Protestants, Hinduism, Buddhism, Methodists, Baptists, Anglicans etc... Your love and devotion for me must be shown to others, by acknowledging and respecting their love and faith in me. It is most important to set an example of love, compassion, peace, forgiveness and acceptance to all others. Listen to the hearts of your brothers and sisters first, instead of pointing fingers and condemning them. For I AM the final judge of mankind not you. Do you not know that I am the temple in your heart? I AM inside of your heart and I receive your prayers and meditations within you. Your houses of prayers are merely places to meet with each other, to love and embrace each other and to join in prayers, praise and worship of me, together in harmony. It does not matter to me how or what rituals you use to honour me. Your deep seeded love and intentions for me is what is significant and cherished by me.

To those of you who sit on the fences, watching and criticising my children for falling and stumbling at times, I tell you this: I know that you use my children’s shortcomings as an excuse not to commit to me or to acknowledge me. For it is much easier for you to do this (so you think,) as you craftily use this as excuse to continue following in your evil ways and you greedily cling to the material things you have made idols of, instead. Yes you too sit in judgement of others and what gives you the right to do so? Not I! I tell you, I know everything about you and your motives; you cannot shy away from me. Don’t be fooled. My children will make mistakes for not one is yet perfect and I love them and accept them as they are. I will pick them up and dust them off with my love and forgiveness for I know that their intentions are honest and pure even though they are weak at times. At least they are striving to come to me by becoming better souls. My beloved Son died for all of humanity and shed His blood to extend His grace of eternal life to everyone. Do not let this sacrifice be for nothing! It is much easier to follow me than to walk in the world, for the world passes away and I do not. I AM ETERNAL AND I AM LOVE.

I have spoken about idols many times before, but there seems to be a terrible confusion and a twisting of understanding amongst my children as to what my meaning about such things is. This has led to many judgements and criticisms amongst my children, causing a huge divide. Those who adorn creative works in their houses of prayers and homes of my Son’s likeness and those of His mother and of His disciples and the Saints or Ascended Masters are not to be shunned or condemned. For you do not understand that these are merely a reminder to them of those who love me, serve me and work with me. The Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters are sent to be with you to assist you with your spiritual growth. My children do not carry these creations or statues in their hearts as I AM in their hearts. No one can replace me, EVER. Do they speak to these creative works you may ask? They pray within, to Me, to send my Holy Spirit, my messengers, Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters to be with them to guide and assist them in their lifetime here on earth and in other galaxies. They ask them to intercede on their behalf to Me too, for my children understand that these are my aids and messengers.

Those who pray to idols without acknowledging me within or without are the ones I was referring to. These lost ones who are making a God of images to pray to and those who make a God of material things, do not acknowledge my existence at all. No, these are the ones who are not in touch with me inside of them. I say to you if you are one of these children, please discard of these images and let go of your greed for material things. You do not need them dearest ones; they will not make you happy. I am always with you. I am inside of you. I will guide, protect and provide for you. Your true happiness is within and not outwardly.

When a child of mine cries out to the Universe or visits a minister or priest for absolution of their sins, they are reaching out to me to absolve them of their sins and regrets. I hear and know their hearts and it fills me with exuberant joy and with the deepest compassion for them for they have humbled themselves and shown courage to speak outwardly to another by admitting their sins and shortcomings. I understand and know their true feelings. There are many of my children who never express or ask inwardly or outwardly for forgiveness of their sins.

You may ask: Can another soul forgive another soul for its sins? I say to you yes indeed they can, for I AM within everyone. It is me within them who is doing the forgiving, not them. It is my Holy Spirit that is showering the other with forgiving grace, not that soul or as some of you may wish to call “human being.” Have I not told you so many times to forgive one another? You are all my children, my messengers, my angels, my saints, my ministers and my priests. You are chosen to be the light workers, the healers and the messengers to shine my light to others so that they can find me within themselves. You are an extension of me. I am connecting and drawing everyone of my souls to connect with me inside of them. This is my intention and will: That you all become merged as one with me and with each other. For I AM love and when this is achieved your souls will be love too.

And what is love you may ask?

Love is pure, love is light, and love is compassionate and forgiving. Love is sweet and long lasting. Love embraces and is kind. Love is truth and all knowing. Love is simple and easy. Love is joy and happiness. Love is free and forever. Love is a flowing grace. It is a river of ecstasy. Not one of you has felt this ecstasy just yet, but when you do, you will understand and know that you have completely merged with each other, with my creation and with me.

My dearest beloveds please love one another with all of your hearts and help one another by being kind, forgiving, understanding, compassionate, encouraging and generous.

I AM your loving Father.

Shalom! Peace be with you! Nameste! Go in Peace! I love you!

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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