Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Promise of Love!

What will I do?

I will love you.
I will honor you.
I will cherish you.
I will take care of you.
I will share dreams with you.
I will open my Self to you.
I will feel your feelings.
I will be your friend.
I will support you.
I will protect you.
I will wait for you.
I will remember you.
I will go away when you want to be alone.
I will return to you when you want me near.
I will always find you in the quiet of my soul.

What will I not do?

I will not hurt you.
I will not ignore you.
I will not distort you.
I will not limit your freedom.
I will not make you feel bad.
I will not pollute your beauty or your purity in any way.
I will not give you harmful thoughts or dreams.
I will not forget your virtues.
I will not forget your gifts.
I will not abandon you, even if we are
physically apart and separated by vast expanses
of land or on journeys to different stars ... for I will
always cherish our sacred union.
I will not forget our love.
I will not forget you.

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