Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My vision of Heaven and Hell

In my meditation I was given a vision of Heaven and Hell.

Our Father God showed me what Hell is. I must confess that I always believed that Hell was a metaphor for our tormented minds. That Hell was not a real place but merely our conscience. Well God revealed to me how wrong my understanding and preconceived idea was.

To my horror Hell does exist and it is very real. Hell is not a fiery pit but a deep void of darkness. There is zillions of souls in this deep dark void. These souls are filled with the most agonising pain and burning torment you could ever imagine. No pain and torment on earth can compare to what these lost souls are experiencing. It is constant, forever, for eternity. There is no redemption for them, no going back and no going forward. They know that this state they are in is for all eternity. Their pain and suffering is indescribable. They cried out to me begging me to help them. I could almost feel their pain and suffering but I blocked it out. If I had allowed myself to experience their pain I feared that I would never be able to recover from it.

In my vision I suddenly became aware that Jesus Christ had appeared and was standing at my right side. He was protecting and shielding me. I longed to turn and look at Him directly, but somehow I did not feel worthy enough to do so. The only thing I dared to look at was His robe, His wounded hands and His wounded feet and yet I knew how completely exquisite He is. His essence is pure and intoxicating. The essence of Him took my breath away and I was hopelessly in love with Him. I asked Him “Lord why are you showing me this terrible place?” Our Lord answered me and said, “Child, it is important for you to know that this is a very critical time for you and all of humanity. Now is the time for everyone to come to me.” (‘The TIME’ that the Lord referred to, meant that from this very moment in history there are no more chances for mankind, it is now or never.)

“There are many who are lost,” He continued “who have blocked me out of their hearts and out of their lives. I have shown you this place to wake you up. You have been told in my words about this place and yet you chose to distort my words to suit your own understanding. Now you will know the truth. This abyss does exist. This is where my lost children go when they turn their backs on goodness and stubbornly follow there own evil ways. I have given all of my children their own free will but so many are choosing the wrong way. I call them but they do not hear me. I have already given them eternal life but they have lost it and have turned away from me. Instead they choose to live in the world with their own ideas and they cling greedily to their worldly goods. If only they would call me. How I long to hear them call my name. I AM ‘Jesus’ the Christ, the Son of God. This is all I ask of them, to acknowledge me and to accept my love for them. I long to embrace them.  My love will protect them and lift them up. Their sins will be forgiven. I will bestow peace upon them and remove their burdens and worries. Their faith and trust in me are the keys to my Father’s Kingdom.”

Jesus told me to look and in the distance there it was, Heaven. I could see the glorious glow of lights shining so brightly, the colours of it illuminating the atmosphere or universal sky. It was similar to the Northern Lights but far brighter in comparison. (Please bear with me as I am trying to find the correct words to describe what I saw.) The moment I saw Heaven (even though it was far off in the distance) my heart leapt with joy and excitement. I knew instantly how wonderful it was and I got a sense of peace just looking at it. Believe me when I say it is “magnificently divinely beautiful.  Unfortunately my choice of words don’t even do it justice.

Excitement and joy filled me completely and then suddenly I was overcome with terrible remorse and shame for my sins. My heart burst open and the tears poured down my cheeks. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and to wipe away my sins. I cried out in desperation “Yes Jesus, I choose Heaven. That is where I belong and that is where I want to go to. I am your child, my Saviour, my Jesus, I am with you!” Immediately I felt the love of God inside of me welling up, it was as if God smiled inside of my heart. Suddenly my vision ended.

My dear brothers and sisters please give your hearts to the Lord now! I implore you from the depths of my soul. God our Father loves you more than you will ever know.

Heaven is most definitely the only place I intend going to. Which place do you choose?

Peace, Love and Light to you all.

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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