Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I love you!

I received this very insistent and urgent message today from Our Father.  He has directed me to give you this message.  It is most important for each of you.  Our Father has revealed to me that there are still some of you who question His love and authenticity for there are those who have been going through some very tough times recently.  Please read what He wants to tell you, for it will help you immensely.  This message is channeled through me, so if the wording seems strange, it is the way The Holy Spirit has spoken to me. I write it as I hear it.   Thank you and God bless you.

A message from God, The Father!

I give you this message to assure you of my love for each one of you.  You are always with me no matter what you may think.  I see and feel your hearts.  I know your deepest feelings and thoughts.  I know your pains and sufferings, your stresses, your crying, your yearnings.  I know everything about you, yes each one of you.  There is no reason for you to worry about unnecessary things and carry burdens upon your shoulders.  I AM with you always dearest ones and I will not let you fall or falter.  Remember your worries and burdens are what you are creating with your minds.  They are but a figment of your imagination.  Please do not allow your minds to control you at all, but instead open your hearts, your eyes, your ears, your minds.  Set your souls free to grow and experience the joys and the happiness of your lives.  Listen to my Holy Spirit for it is my spirit that speaks to you and guides your soul.   My light surrounds you and clothes you with its Glory.  Your souls are connected to me and also to each other.  Love one another for by doing this you are loving me.  My love is full and overflowing for you.  Oh how I love to shower you with this love, with this compassion, with this forgiveness, with this understanding dearest ones.  Feel me for I AM inside of you.  Feel my love beating inside of your hearts and coursing through your veins.  Feel my vibration inside of you,  lifting you up, clearing you from all negativity and cleansing you, preparing you for your ascension back to me.  Allow me to flow freely through you.  Please do not block me out with your minds.  Acknowledge me.  Trust me.  Have faith in me.  This is all I ask of you.  Nothing more.  Beloveds please know that I AM forever with you.  You will never be separated from me as my love holds you and protects you always.


 © 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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