Sunday, November 20, 2011

God's love is constant!

A lot of us live with a hidden fear that God is angry at us.  Somewhere, sometime, some Sunday school class or some television show convinced us that God has a whip behind his back, a paddle in his back pocket, and he's going to nail us when we've gone too far.

No concept could be more wrong!  Our Savior's Father is very fond of us and only wants to share his love with us.

We have a Father who is filled with compassion, a feeling Father who hurts when his children hurt.  We serve a God who says that even when we're under pressure and feel like nothing is going to go right, he is waiting for us, to embrace us whether we succeed or fail.

He doesn't come quarreling and wrangling and forcing his way into anyone's heart.  He comes into our hearts like a gentle lamb, not a roaring lion.

"We thank you for your constant love, Father.  Your love is not based on feelings or perfection but on your covenant with your people.  Nothing can separate us from your love."

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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