Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Cosmic Event 11.11.11

Dearest ones tomorrow at 11.11 am local time the first cosmic moment will take place. It is a very special time when the portals of heaven open and Sources powerful energy will bathe planet earth. This will be a magical time for miracles. The veils will be lifted and many people will find that they are given special gifts of wisdom and spiritual understanding, psychic abilities and rapid spiritual growth. Many will shift into higher dimensions and consciousness. Manifestations will occur at a much quicker rate therefore it is of the utmost importance to keep your thoughts, actions and words pure and positive at all times. Whatever you intend will manifest. Fill you hearts with love for each other and for our Planet Earth. It is also most important at this time, to stay grounded.

If it is at all possible find a quiet peaceful place tomorrow at home or at work, sit quietly and say this "Vision prayer for 2012"  by Diana Cooper.

“I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed, every child is loved and educated to develop their talents, where the heart is more important than the head and wisdom is revered over riches.

In this world Justice, equality and fairness rule.

Nature is honoured, so the waters flow pure and clear and the air is fresh and clean. Plants and trees are nurtured and all animals are respected and treated with kindness. Happiness and laughter prevail.

And humans walk hand in hand with Angels.

Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage and humility to do my part to spread the light.

May the entire world ascend.

So be it.

Please share this with your family and friends.

Many Thanks and may each one of you be richly blessed.


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