Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wentworth Miller & a Guardian Angel!


Everyone has a guardian angel, with no exceptions.  Please know that you have a guardian angel with you, guaranteed!  This is the angel who constantly stays with you, from birth until your transition back to heaven.  This angel's love for you is unconditional, and greater than anything on this earth.  Your guardian angel makes certain you are always safe and guided.

Our guardian angel continuously talks to us and gently offers advice and guidance.  When we consciously ask for additional help and summon extra angels to our side, we receive and even steadier stream of divine communication.

However, we must be aware of this heavenly assistance as it comes to us, before it can help usSometimes, chatter and noise so fill our thoughts that we can't hear the sweet and loving voice of our angels.  The loud din of thought about our bills, family, and responsibilities overpowers the softer sound of the angels.  We also ignore our angels' messages when they seem inappropriate to our current goals.  For instance, if your angels urge you to relax and have fun, you may shrug off their advice with a "Haven't got the time" reply.

Quieting the Mind:

Many people find it difficult to meditate.  Either they don't feel there's enough time for meditation, or their mind wanders or they fall asleep when they try to meditate.

While meditation certainly makes it easier to clearly hear your angels' messages, it's not an absolute necessity.  There are other ways to quiet the mind sufficiently for the angelic voices to be heard.

For instance, you can slow your body, emotions, and thoughts by connecting with nature.  If you can get in the habit of regularly looking out of the window of your home, office or car and appreciating one bit of nature - a cloud, a tree, a bird chirping - you'll feel a wonderful quieting within yourself.  Focus your eyes and mind on this miracle of nature before you, and feel your heart swell in appreciation and gratitude at its beauty.  Better yet is when you actually spend time in nature.  Of course, camping and hiking trips accomplish this nicely.  but even a lunch break in the park or by the side of a brook is sufficient to re-establish your connection with Mother Earth, the nature angels, and your own guardian angels.

Another way to quiet the mind and body is by taking two or three slow and deep breaths.  Breathe in as much as air as possible, then hold it in your lungs for a count of five or ten seconds.  Then slowly breathe out.  Repeat the breaths, and this time, picture yourself breathing in beautiful feelings such as relaxation, joy, and peace.  When you breathe out, feel yourself releasing stress, tension and worries.

You are inspiring yourself with these deep breaths.  In other words you are filling yourself with the light of spirit.  When we breathe short, and shallow spurts, we don't receive the depth of communication as we do when we really breathe deeply.  Breathing is, in essence our way of phoning home to heaven!

Eastern philosophies teach visualization for quieting the mind in which you picture a large lake of clear water.  Focus your attention in the center of the lake, as if you were underwater and easily breathing and floating as you looked at the water around you.  Notice that the sand granules are slowly floating to the bottom of the lake.  As the sand falls, the water becomes perfectly clear and still.  Feel your body and mind responding to this stillness, with all your cares and concerns gently falling and settling into a gentle quietness.

Physical exercise also has a quieting effect.  Studies show that after we vigorously work out, our brain chemistry shifts in healthful directions.  The post-exercise brain has increased amounts of the mood and energy-altering neurotransmitter called "serotonin."  Many people also report increase in creative ideas and brainstorms while they are exercising.  Probably, the increased breathing during exercise leads to this sort of inspiration.

It's easier to hear your angels when you are alone, especially when you are in a natural setting.  we all need time-outs from the world to regenerate our energy and collect our thoughts.  Make a daily appointment to spend time alone, when your mind isn't focused on some worldly task.  Make time for yourself and your angels to commune together.

Hearing your Guardian Angel's Name:

You'll interact with hundreds or even thousand of different angels throughout your lifetime.  Some angel groups with which you work will remain consistent.  At other times, you'll be accompanied by angels who are completely new to you.

Since angels are not after personal glory because they know that we are united with God, they don't seek credit for their heavenly deeds.  So most of the time, you won't be aware of the personal characteristics of the individual angels who are helping you.  You can, however, get to know your guardian angel or angels, who are with you from physical birth to death.

Your guardian angels have names.  Sometimes, they have human-sounding names.  Other times, angels have descriptive names such as "Joy" or "Peace."

Ask your angels to tell you their names.  Then be very still and listen.  The answer may come intuitively, and you'll get a feeling about the name.  Or you hear a voice, see a vision, or simply "know" the name.  If the message isn't clear enough for you to understand, ask your angels to repeat their names until you've got them.  Never fear that your angels will be offended or run away if you say, "Could you repeat your answer a little louder, please?"

Know that you deserve help from God and the angels!  You are a precious and holy child of God, and we all deserve good.

Excerpts taken from:  "Angel Therapy" written by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Love & peace everyone!

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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