Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A special dinner!

About making the right choices
by Max Lucado

I have something against the lying voices that noise our world.  You've heard them.  They tell you to swap your integrity for a new sale.  To barter your convictions for an easy deal.  To exchange your devotion for a quick thrill.

They whisper.  They woo.  They taunt.  They tantalize.  They flirt.  They flatter. "Go ahead, its OK."  "Don't worry, no one will know."

The world rams at your door;  Jesus taps at your door.  The voices scream for your allegiance;  Jesus softly and tenderly requests it.  The world promises flashy pleasure;  Jesus promises a quiet dinner .... with God.

Which voice do you hear?

In the eye of the Storm.

"Father, remind us that a divine inheritance will be our reward for faithfulness to you.  Help us to make faithfulness a priority for beginning our day."

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