Monday, October 17, 2011


The Law of Reflection applies to everyone and everything around you.  In other words the Universe reflects back honest and accurate aspects of yourself in a mirror and reveals your deepest secrets.  This gives you an opportunity to look at yourself in the mirror and change the aspects of yourself that you are unhappy with.  " As within so without."

Your reflection of yourself in the mirror may reveal that your eyes look heavy and tired, but you do not try and change the reflection, you merely eat a healthier diet and get more sleep, so that the reflection changes.

If there is someone in your life who you do not like, you can, of course spend precious time and energy trying to change him or her, but you will only be trying to change the reflection of yourself.  It is a form of denial and people who do this are known as rescuers.  To understand the Law of Reflection means to look at your own faults that are really projected on to someone else.  You observe the outer and change the inner. 

Those people who are in your life and who you do not like are showing aspects of yourself you do not feel comfortable with.  For example, imagine your boss is completely disorganised and chaotic.  If you pride yourself on your togetherness and your sense of responsibility, you are probably angry at him for being so unlike you and may tell yourself he is not a mirror.

Nevertheless look within yourself and find the aspect of yourself that is untidy.  There may even be a part of yourself that wishes to be carefree and irresponsible.  Perhaps as a child you were kept under tight discipline or there were high expectations of you.  There may also be a part of you that is fearful of making a mistake or being careless.  You may have been expected to be in complete control and responsible at all times.  This can make it terrifying to let go.  The inner part of you that wants to be irresponsible is merely reflected in people around you, and this makes you angry at the chaotic part of yourself that appears in the mirror.

If there is someone who has an attribute which genuinely does not bother you, it does not reflect you and you will not even notice it.  In other words the more a characteristic in someone else bothers you, the more your soul is trying to draw a reflection to your attention.

People whom you admire are mirroring back aspects of yourself that you feel good about.  The magic mirror of the Universe is showing you a beautiful part of yourself that you may be in touch with.

Events in your life also mirror aspects of yourself that may or may not need to be changed within.  For an example say you notice three accidents, you might consider where you are going too fast or heading for disaster in your life.  Take notice of what is happening around you for these are signs and warnings.

Everything is a reflection.

Water represents your emotions, spirituality or purity (e.g. if your emotions are leaky you may have taps dripping, radiators leaking or roofs leaking etc.  If you are drawn to rivers, lakes and oceans this is the spiritual side of you that is being reflected.)

Fire represents anger, hostility or is a trans muter of negative energy (e.g. a camp fire or a fire in the hearth may indicate a peaceful centre on the other hand a rampaging out-of-control fire reflects anger and hostility of all those affected by it.)

Earth represents insecurity, procrastination or new growth (e.g. an earthquake reveals unstable foundations.  Or if you get stuck in the mud, it could mean procrastination.)

Air represents communication and new ideas (e.g. if you are sitting in a draught and it irritates you, it may be that some one's communication is irritating you on the other hand a fresh air blows away cobwebs.)

Even your car parts can reveal aspects about you for example:

Brakes failing - A warning to stop something you are doing.

No lights - Can you see where you are going?

Scratches or dents - Are you feeling battered or dented?  Maybe you have been over critical of yourself.

Broken horn - Is it time to speak up for yourself?

Flat tyre - Are you feeling deflated or is someone letting you down? How are you letting yourself down or not supporting yourself?

Flat battery - Have you run out of energy? Are you feeling flat?

Grating gears - Difficulty with making changes in your life.

If you can't work it out ask yourself,  look at the functions of the parts and pieces of the machinery, this will give you a clue as to what you need to work on in yourself or in your life.

Animals also reflect aspects of yourself and we often choose a dog consciously or subconsciously to match ourselves.

Steady, solid, tolerant and good-natured breeds include:
Basset hound, bloodhound, beagle, bulldog, Saint Bernard, mastiff, Irish wolfhound and Newfoundland.

Clever dogs who are trainable and observant include:
Doberman, Cardigan, Welsh Corgi, Shetland sheepdog and poodle.

Protective and territorial dogs include:
Boxer, rottweiler, bull terrier, chow chow, bullmastiff and giant schnauzer.

Friendly and affectionate dogs:
Border terrier, bearded collie, English terrier, English springer spaniel, golden retriever, old English sheepdog, Labrador, Cavalier King Charles spaniel and cocker spaniel.

Independent, strong willed animals include:
Afghan hound, Airedale terrier, Dalmation, greyhound, Irish setter, pointer and foxhound.

Consistent, self-contained and home-loving dogs are:
Chihuahua, dachshund, King Charles spaniel, pug, Pekingnese, whippet, Boston terrier and Maltese.

Even your plants and trees reflect back aspects of yourself.

Whatever situations, people, experiences, surroundings or gadgets are in your life, look into the mirror and see what they have to teach you.  Understanding the Law of Reflection enables you to expand your spiritual growth by looking at what life is telling you.  Our journey on Earth is fascinating and an exciting experience.

There are two ways to interpret what you see in the mirror.  One is that you are seeing your projection and the other that you are seeing an aspect that you have attracted.

Do not try to change someone else for they are reflecting you.  Look within and change yourself.

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