Saturday, October 15, 2011

Purity & Heavenly Surroundings.

The angels have a message for you!

We so wish to speak to you dear ones but sometimes it is so difficult to come through clearly and audibly to you, as many of you are covered by a very thick mist around your auras and earthly bodies.  We ask you to clear away this mist from yourselves so that we can speak to you.  We long to touch and embrace you with our love.  Wash away the mist by clearing your outer bodies with a body wash of coarse sea salt water whilst bathing or showering.  Allow all the debris that has accumulated around you to be scrubbed away, leaving your auras clean, shiny and bright.

Purify your inner thoughts with love, sweetness, and positivity.  Do not allow negative thoughts of darkness to enter your mind.  You know that you can click the channel of your thoughts anytime you want to.  Speak kindly and gently to others always showing them respect, love and gratitude.

Fill your minds with beauty.  Listen to beautiful soft music, our favourites are classical and romantic music.  We love sweet music it attracts us like bees to honey. Allow yourselves to sing and dance to the music.  Be playful it will lift your spirits.

Switch off the noise for you won't hear us.  Our communications with you get lost when you are watching TV and listening to harsh music.  We find ourselves shouting to you over the dense noise.  Quieten your minds.  There is far  too much chatter going on in your minds.  This  blocks out our messages to you.

Take a leisurely walk in nature and fill your souls with the beauty of God and His creation.  Whilst you do this, breathe in "His Breathe", we call prana, deeply into your lungs.  God's Breathe will oxidise and clear away all of the debris and toxins inside of your inner bodies, leaving you fresh and bright, and full of vitality and energy.  Drink plenty of pure water.  Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.  Avoid eating red meat if you can please.  We will help you along the path of nutrition as you go and we will heal any addictions you may suffer from.

Purify your surroundings, your homes and work places, with fresh fragrant flowers.  We love the smell of fresh fragrances.  A burning stick of incense will clear and purify the air around you.  The glow of white candles purifies your homes too.  We love all shades of coloured candles, but please, do be careful dear ones and don't leave them unattended while they are burning.

We are very attracted to beautiful colours.  A splash of bright colours in your homes, here and there, is very exciting and stimulating for us and it will be for you too.

Open the windows of your homes and keep your homes sparkling clean.  Decorate your walls with beautiful art work and pictures, for these works have been inspired by God and we love to admire His creativity on your walls.  Pictures and statues of us definitely attract us as we love to see the artist's impressions of us.  We find them so enchanting and lovely.

The warmth of love radiating from your homes sends out strong vibrations to us which draws us immediately into your homes. The sound of laughter echoing in your homes is heavenly to us.

We love the sweet sound of chimes and bells.   Please hang them on your doorway frames and windows.  A singing bird calls to us and invites us into your homes.

We are waiting dearest ones to communicate with you clearly.  We also wish to hear from you too.  Speak freely to us for we are only an earshot away.  Remember we are always with you, ready to help, love and guide you in anyway.

Be still dear ones and do not fear for we love you unconditionally!

Love, peace and joy to you all,
The Angels!

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