Thursday, October 27, 2011

Only the Spirit can do it!

When it comes to the process of learning to walk in love, not fear, we must allow the Spirit to help us trust God's magnificent character of love.  We must consciously accept His incredible love for us regardless of how others may have betrayed or wounded us.  As we do He will lead us through the practical, day-by-day choices that build in us the habit of instinctive love.

We will never let Him transform us in this way, however, if we do not believe profoundly that our Father loves us and has our best interests at heart.  If we believe only His power and promises but not the love behind them, we will fall back constantly into our old reasoning or evaluating.  We cannot give only intellectual assent to this great love of God;  we must allow its reality to saturate our entire being.  He is madly in love with us and will not let us go!  If past wounds hinder, then we must ask for and receive healing for them.

How will we recognize His Spirit at work in us?  In a myriad of ways in our daily lives.  We will choose to be unselfish when we could be selfish.  We will choose to accommodate people when we do not need to do so.  We will choose not to fear the outcome of our circumstances even when we cannot understand them.  We will dare to forgive when the natural mind says, Why should I?

When someone makes a mistake that seemingly affects your well-being, trust that God is in it and refuse to lash out.  You will hear the voice of your Father deep inside your spirit, saying Walk in love this time, not fear.

What a refreshing challenge!  And how joyful you will feel, knowing that when you obey, you truly are delighting the heart of God.

Father, I recognize that it delights You when I walk in perfect love - a love that flows instinctively, childlike, from my spirit to You.  I recognize, too, that this kind of love, drives away fear and enhances my oneness with You.

Help me begin walking more consistently in this joyful way.  Help me resist the pull of my old nature to control reason and evaluate.  Help me instead to trust.  May our oneness be so complete and my love for You so instinctive that Your nature in me takes precedence every time.

Renew my mind, loving God, by Your precious Holy Spirit.  Teach me how to walk in love, not fear, and make it my delight to thrill You with a love that grows more instinctive every day.  Thank You, Father, Amen.

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