Saturday, October 1, 2011

I yearn to be loved!

From the moment we come into this life our souls yearn to be loved.  We immediately cling to the loving and nurturing we receive from our parents.  Some of us unfortunately do not receive this blessing from an early age.  Regardless of our circumstances, that deep seeded yearning to be loved is always with us and it is never truly satisfied.

We venture out into the world and our first negative encounter of rejection leaves a wound on our tender hearts.  We toughen up and we carry on with our journey, attending college, university and following a career.  And on occasions we encounter awkward situations, aggressive people and hurtful relationships, leaving us with disappointment, loss, hurt, anger and resentment - and more wounds on our tender hearts.

Some of us are fortunate to meet a special person who gives us love, romance and affection.  We feel and think as though we are in heaven and our hearts have finally found true love.  We settle down, get married and have children.  Our focus changes from needing love to giving love.  We immerse ourselves into making others happy by nurturing them with love and trying to fulfil their needs.  Meanwhile, we loose ourselves and our own needs and desires.  We ignore the yearning in our hearts - more wounds on our tender hearts.

Those of us, who have not found love in a relationship, immerse ourselves in our careers and hobbies also loosing ourselves and our true needs and desires.  We ignore the yearning in our hearts - more wounds on our tender hearts.

Finally a day arrives and we realise that we are still yearning to be loved.  We have not found that true love yet.  Our heart is still aching through all the years of waiting and longing for this much needed love.  We start questioning God and the Universe where to find this love and we begin to wonder if this is what life is all about?

Meanwhile through all the years of crying out for love, Self has been softly whispering to us "Here I AM.  Look inside yourself for I AM the love you have been yearning and looking for.  I AM the answer to your problem."

You may say ... "I do love myself."  How much do you honestly know about yourself?  It's time to take and inventory and write down all your good points that you love about yourself and make a list of all your desires.  Then make a list of all the negative points you dislike about yourself and all the things in your life you no longer desire.  Once you have done this, burn your negative list and send it up to the Universe requesting that it be released into the light and decree that it must never ever return to you again.

Read over and over each point you love about yourself and your list of desires.  Allow these points to fill your being and soak them up into your heart and consciousness.  As you follow this exercise allow your heart to open itself to you and feel your loving emotions flow back to you.  In other words, romance yourself as a lover would do to you.  Feel the excitement inside of you as you read over your desires and imagine them manifesting in your life.  Imagine the scars on your heart fading away, healing itself completely.  You are sending a healing energy and vibration into your heart and filling it with overflowing love as you are doing this exercise and meditation.  Your heart will begin to love and romance God within, and it will also flow out to the Universe.  This love you have inside of you will be transmitted to all those around you.  You will begin to feel good about yourself, lifting your self-confidence, and filling you with excitement and joy.  All your creative gifts will come to the fore.  Your vibrations will be lifted to a higher frequency attracting love, wonderful people, a beautiful loving relationship, joy, goodness and abundance back to you.  Your consciousness will be heightened allowing you to become one, with all that is.  This is the Ultimate Love your soul has been yearning for, and this is what your journey on earth is all about.

Love, Light and Peace Everyone!

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