Monday, October 10, 2011

I hear the dance of your soul!

I hear the dance of your soul
Beckoning the mind into silence
Calling out to make its presence
Showering love and divine essence

Dancing joyfully as ripples at sea
Celebrating the pure bliss of eternity
Gently hushing all fears of the mind
So by right it can brilliantly shine

Can you feel the love deeply within mine?
Reaching out so that yours can also shine?
Our souls celebrate together in the twilight
Always in love whether it be day or night

Here in our depths there is no time and space
No ups, downs or sadness;  only divine grace
The two hearts in pure radiant loving form
Soaring freely;  embracing all shore to shore

They have met today and many times before
Time after time the souls embrace and adore
Connected from the very beginning of time
Two melodious golden wind chimes

They rejoice in harmony on that very day
Both souls know one another and their way
They are connected with or without the mind
They meet freely at their own place and time

Energies electric;  hearts set into full flight
They know this is their gift and divine right
They connect and communicate through the eyes
Aside from feeling;  herein lays no disguise

They pay no attention to the human condition
Only following divine guidance and intuition
They are not a part of society, standing on their own
Two souls that know how true love is shown

They come to visit one another during the night
Embracing yet again;  dancing in the moonlight
They have an agenda and schedule of their own
Loving deeply and generously everywhere they go.

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