Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Golden Web of Love

I wish to strum the strings of your heart,
Gently gliding my fingers like a fragile butterfly,
Fluttering its wings up and down
Composing a symphony of magical music,
Awakening the memories that lay dormant there,
Of past lives fulfilled,
A union of eternal love,
Merging with each other for all time,
Across the universe .... to other galaxies,
Exploring amazing stars and planets,
Painted with brightly lit colours,
Filled with waterfalls of overflowing abundance,
Returning to a new life parted,
But remaining as one heart,
Continuing a magical quest of weaving,
A Golden Web of Love,
Across this planet,
Touching the hearts of others,
Awakening their sleeping hearts,
To fully merge with each other,
Creating a perfect world,
And finally leaving once more
Ascending high above the heavens,
Returning home together for all eternity.

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