Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Twin Flame an Eternal Love!

He came through the open window of her heart, kissed her soul, embraced her being with his gentle happiness;  with sensual passion completed her dance as a woman on the run;  so this is the soul dance of eternity, and with a dash of spirit conquest.

Gently he whispered in her ear, "I love you" a flood of warm passion I give, if I could only make you believe, always a life with you, don't make me feel so blue, could this be true, her heart always knew, but past pain had her remain, in doubt and fear, wish for a sign, that he is my divine, a message so clear, heart can hear ...

A Woman in contact with divine feminine power can do nothing else but share this unconditional love;  the star shines from within, illuminating souls wisdom and the Light of Love - thus attracting the masculine man with sensitive feminine heart vibration;  the feminine and masculine hearts smelt into oneness and nothing can ever disturb this oneness for it is blessed by the kiss of eternity and showered by the love of God, I am oneness.

When you cannot breathe, may I be your breathing, when you cannot hear, may I be your hearing ears, when you cannot see, may I be your eyes, when you cannot feel, may I feel for you ... a touch can open your heart, you can breathe, you can hear, you can see, you can be in oneness with LOVE;  I am YOU.

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