Sunday, September 11, 2011

You are not alone!

I send you this message my dear souls. I do not refer to you as man in this message for you are far superior than a label of my creation for you are one with me as I reside in you.

My message for you dear ones is to enlighten you and for you to open your awareness to my angels. There are so many of my souls who are not aware of my angels and this saddens me for I created them with unconditional love just as I created you. They too are one with me just as you are one with me and they are an extension of my energy to be with you at all times.

I created my angels before gas, air, matter and water. They are messengers, teachers, healers and guardians. They are filled with my unconditional love for you. They are with you to help you along your journey in all life times during your growth, transformation and ascension. For every one of you I have appointed a Guardian Angel to be at your side at the very moment of your creation. Their purpose is to protect, guide, teach, encourage, heal and also communicate my messages to you.

There are many angels, too many for you to conceive now. They are ranked according to their light energies, frequencies and purposes.

You are all at a time now, when the veil of illusion is being lifted and the portals to the gateway of my Kingdom have been opened for your ascension. My angels have been placed around earth to assist you in this ascension. There are apparent changes that will take place on earth and my angels will assist you as you face these changes. It is important for you to be aware of my angels and know who they are. Do not be afraid of them but instead open your hearts to them dear ones as they love you. Many of you will see and hear them and many of you will sense them. Depending on your perception of them, they may appear to you in human forms, or colorful lights or be heard in high frequencies. They bear messages from me to you to give you guidance, strength and wisdom.

I tell you now do not be afraid of these changes but fill your beings with excitement and joy for this is a time of magnificent celebrations throughout the cosmos. This is a unification of your souls as one with me forever. Spread my message of love to all.

Many of my souls will remain on my planet earth for they are blinded and have sadly closed their hearts to me. These souls must continue through many more lifetimes of hardship and learning before they will come through the gateway to my Kingdom. Even though this may be the case, I tell you now, not one of these souls will be lost, but each soul shall ascend and join with us in time.

Awaken dearest ones! Please acknowledge me for I AM in you. I welcome you all into my Kingdom my beloved ones.

A message channelled by the Holy Spirit.

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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