Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Manifest Abundance (Part 3)

When you understand the Law of Attraction, you are never surprised by anything that occurs in your experience, for you understand that you have invited every bit of it in - through your own thought process.  Nothing can occur in your life experience without your invitation of it through your thought.

There is a very big vibrational difference in your thoughts of appreciation of your mate, and in your thoughts of what you would like to be different about your mate.  And your relationship with your mate, without exception, reflects the preponderance of your thoughts.  For, while you may not have done it consciously, you have literally thought your relationship into being.

Your desire for an improved financial condition cannot come to you if you often feel jealous of your neighbor's good fortune, for the vibration of your desire and the vibration of your jealous feelings are different vibrations.  An understanding of your vibration nature will make it possible for you to easily and deliberately create your own reality.  And then, in time and with practice, you will discover that all desires that you hold can be easily realized - for there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.

You are Consciousness. You are Energy.  You are Vibration.  You are Electricity.  You are Source Energy.  You are Creator.  You are on the Leading Edge of thought, and even though it may seem odd to you at first, it will be helpful for you to begin to accept yourself as a Vibrational Being, for this is a Vibrational Universe in which you are living, and the Laws that govern this Universe are Vibrationally based.

That which is like unto itself, is drawn, so the vibration of your Being must match the vibration of your desire.  another way of saying that is:  Your desires and your beliefs must be a vibrational match in order for you to receive that which you desire.

No matter what has caused your unique point of view to come about - it has come about.  You do exist;  you are thinking;  you are perceiving;  you are asking - and you are being answered.  And All-That-Is is benefiting from your existence and from your point of view.

It is necessary that you find a way to go with the flow of the Well-Being that is stretched out before you.  There is only a Stream of Well-Being that flows.  You can allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same.

There are some people experiencing intense hardships or traumas;  and because of how they are living right now, their asking is in a heightened and intense place.  And because of the intensity of their requests, Source is responding in kind.  And although those who are doing the asking are usually so involved in the trauma that they are not personally receiving the benefit of their own asking, future generations - or even current generations who are not, right now, disallowing - are receiving the benefit of that asking.

There is an unlimited Stream of Well-Being and an abundance of all manner of things available to you at all times - but you must be in alignment with the receiving of those things.  You cannot stand in resistance of them and receive them at the same time.

See yourself, right where you are now, as the beneficiary of the powerful Stream of Well-Being.  Try to imagine that you are basking in the flow of this powerful Stream.  Make an effort to feel yourself as the Leading-Edge beneficiary of this unlimited Stream, and smile and try to accept that you are worthy of it.

Love  and Light Everyone!

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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