Monday, September 12, 2011

Failure & Disappointment!

Life is all about learning and becoming the best person you can possibly be. Unfortunately sometimes we fall short of our own expectations. We put pressure on ourselves to achieve so much and when we can't match our own expectations we become disheartened and feel as though we have failed God, ourselves and others.

No one is perfect. If we were perfect we would not be here in this life going through all of it's ups and downs. There would be no goals to achieve, no dreams to dream, no love to conquer, no knowledge to gain as we would have it all if we were perfect. Our lives would be tedious and pointless.

Don't be hard on yourself or judge yourself and label yourself as a failure. Instead pick yourself up and look forward to the next challenge and the next goal with enthusiasm and excitement. Never look back at your past mistakes but keep moving forward, one step at a time with determination and confidence. Don't put pressure on yourself but enjoy your life's journey and experiences, savouring every moment as you go.

Very often things don't work out according to our own expectations. This leads to disappointment. To avoid disappointments don't have the attitude that life and others owe you. Instead adopt the attitude of what you can contribute to life and give to others. With this attitude you will attract positive situations and wonderful people into your life.

Nurture and love yourself for you are a unique and beautiful creation of God. God knows all of your imperfections and your failures. It is in your failures and imperfections that you are able to call out to Him for His love, compassion, forgiveness, guidance and strength. God loves you unconditionally.

Light, love and peace to all!

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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