Thursday, September 8, 2011


Our emotions are an expression from our souls. It may be that some parts of the soul have been fragmented by traumatic and emotional experiences earlier in this life or past lives. When we recognise and integrate with these fragmented parts we evolve spiritually.

The emotional pattern like anger, resentment, agitation or fear is connected to each fragmented part of the soul. These fragmentation's can create blockages in the aura and also cause blockages to our conscious awareness as the fragmented parts exist in the unconscious part of the mind. In most people, the unconscious mind represents as much as 90 to 95% of their awareness, so they have very little real understanding of themselves and their motivations.

To heal painful emotions we must bring in more conscious awareness, this will clear the darkness from the aura and gradually be replaced by light and consciousness. We then begin to transcend mentally to our limited beliefs and open up to new possibilities. Our soul is able to be present in the body spiritually and will then bring in increasing amounts of love, compassion and joy into our lives.

It is important to clear all emotional hurt before a soul can grow spiritually. When we become aware of our limiting emotions and beliefs about ourselves only then are we able to connect with our hidden potential.

There are so many healing techniques available to clear emotional turmoil and can be done quickly and easily. It is much more painful to hold onto emotional baggage than it is to heal it. The healing process is both enlightening and inspiring. Additionally, the steps each of us takes towards understanding ourselves helps to pave the way for others to move forward on their paths.

Trust your feelings for they will guide you to make positive changes and they are the voice of Heaven speaking through you. You can release any upsetting emotions to God, the Angels and St Dymphna for healing and guidance.

St Dymphna is the patron saint of mental health and metal health workers. You can call on her to help you.

St Dymphna was a Celtic girl who fled from her homeland after her widowed father made advances toward her in his bereavement. She and St Gerebernus travelled to Antwerp, where they founded an oratory. Eventually Dymphna's father found her, and when she rejected his inappropriate affections, he murdered both her and Gerebernus. Dymphna's relics and the location of her death are said to heal epilepsy, insanity, nervous conditions and possessions. Today, a mental-health facility stands on the place in Gheel (near Antwerp) where Dymphna passed away.

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