Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Life is an endless stream of choices, and doing what's best is never a simple thing.  Sometimes you worry about your decision making abilities because in the past, some of your choices seemed unwise.  Yet if you think about it you ultimately learned and gained a lot from them and therefore they have helped you to grow and mature and to become wiser.

The key to making the best choices is to simply follow your heart and to focus only on what you care about right now.  In other words focus on priorities that feed your spirit, and don't become overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of others.

You'll know when you're on the best path when your actions are guided by a peaceful feeling.  If there's some part of you that is uncomfortable about what you are doing, then you are veering from the truth.  Sometimes staying on track means taking what seems to be the most difficult route.  Pray about your choices and trust in God and the angels for they will guide, protect and support you.  Listen to Heaven as you go along and trust the messages of ethics, truth and love for they are real and are the wisest guidance you can follow.

Peace, love and light to everyone!

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.
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