Friday, September 9, 2011

Beware of Psychic Vampires!

Bram Stoker was one of the first who penned a description of the blood sucking vampire as "a tall, thin man, all in black .... with a waxen face, high aquiline nose .... parted red lips, with sharp white teeth showing between ...". There is no degree of certainty to this day where the idea of vampirism originated but the history of such, is a long one.

Unfortunately in this day and age Psychic Vampires do exist amongst us. They do not suck and drink your blood. They can be found anywhere and in all walks of life.

So what is a Psychic Vampire?

A Psychic Vampire drains the spiritual energy from an individual to fulfill the emptiness inside of them to boost their own egos. They manipulate and may induce fear into their victims. These individuals are often not aware that they are psychic vampires. Notable characteristics of these individuals are bitterness, anger, resentfulness and self-pity. Very often they complain about the same issue with the same person and produce the same results with no change. Negativity and belittling others is imperative for their own gratification. They thrive on seeing others unhappy and depressed for they themselves possess a spirit of depression and unhappiness. These individuals are emotionally exhausting to be around.

Avoid these individuals and do not participate in any discussions with them but rather keep them at bay for they will destroy your spirit thus affecting your soul and well being and will hamper your spiritual growth. If you are in a relationship with such an individual it is best to terminate this relationship or if your circumstances do not allow for this, it is best to walk away from them when you feel they are trying their tactics on you. Remove yourself politely from their presence, go into another room or go outside but get away from them. They will soon get the message. If there is no way to escape them, invoke the tube of light to surround you for protection and call on Archangel Michael to guard you.

An effective way to rid yourself from this individual is to follow this meditation and cut the spiritual cords that they have attached to you.

Visualise that you are both standing on a bridge. The Psychic Vampire on one side of the bridge and you on the other. Call on Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to protect you at this time and to cut the cords from you and this individual. See yourself and this individual walking towards each other. When you meet each other in the middle of the bridge tell this individual without anger or resentment that he/she has hurt you and that you forgive him/she and that you are releasing them from you. Tell them to go their own way. Visualise Archangel Michael cutting the cords that are attached to you with his sword. Believe and accept this is done. You are now free from this person. Thank Archangel Michael and his angels for their assistance. You will find that this individual will be removed from your life forever.

This is a very important message for everyone to be vigilant at all times for there are dark energies around us and they aim to destroy our soul's growth and ascension.

Love and Light to all!

© 2011 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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