Monday, September 19, 2011

Angel Chantall!

I am the angel of romantic love.  I assist those who are hungering for a romantic partnership or romance and passion in their lives.  I also assist in rekindling romance in existing relationships.

When you open the door to your heart, romance will come to you.  Fill your being with love, excitement and playfulness as this will lift your vibration to attract romance and love into your life.  Express yourself romantically towards your partner and be candid about your feelings and intentions.  Don't hold back for I am with you to help you release your feelings, intentions and emotions.  When you become openly loving to your partner the flow of romance will return to you.

I will always give you guidance for romance when you call on me.  My guidance may seem unrelated to romance as I may encourage you to join a gym, enrol in other activities where you will meet others or even guide you to contact or speak to someone.  Please follow my lead.  I will create a strong warm feeling in your heart as though I am giving you a hug of affection.  This is my trademark.  The more you follow my guidance the quicker romance will come to you.

Love, love, love to everyone!

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