Monday, November 8, 2010

Creation & Manifestation

We are all gifted creator's of our own lives. These gifts have been giving to us to use for the betterment of ourselves and for all of humanity! We must choose to think of only pure and loving thoughts for creating a peaceful and loving world! When we all become enlightened to this knowledge and use these gifts properly, our collective consciousness will change the World and Universe to one of peace, love, joy and prosperity! 

This is a channelled message from the Angels, Ascended Masters & Beings of Light! "Wake Up Humanity! Now is the time for change, great change is about to take place on your earth now! We are with you to guide you along the way, please ask us for assistance, should you so choose, & remember it is your choice that can make the difference, it is entirely up to you! AWAKEN!!!! Remember what you think and so desire, you manifest in your lives!"
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