Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twin Soul Love Poem

"I see fire in your eyes that pull and set fire to my soul making me come alive. Connected and drawn to you; your eyes consume me - you are the other half to my entire whole. You are the rainbow to my soul; my precious miracle and with me everywhere I go. I dance in your ecstasy of golden light compelling me to reach far beyond this earth. Powerful as one - a radiant ball of light beyond measure as two; this is the lifetime I shall spend loving only you. Your sweet scent brings me down beyond my knees; can't get enough of you - you're my divine love disease. You are the Yang and I am the Yin together we live the sweetest sin." --Dr. Angela Heppner

Monday, June 7, 2010

The love in your heart

As you quieten your mind and sit in stillness, and concentrate on your heart you will suddenly feel a warm feeling growing inside of your heart. This is God's love seed deep within you. When you let this feeling grow bigger and bigger it will overflow and heal every part of you, mentally, physically and spiritually. Practice this meditation everyday and it will change your life forever. All good and wondrous things will start manifesting in your lives. Give God thanks for His love when you finish your meditation. 

God be with you and bless you.

© 2010 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

An Astral Twin Flame Poem


As I lay sleeping I feel the pulsing sensations of an essence,
Caressing my body with such a sensual, loving delight,
Am I dreaming?
No! I’m fully awakened now,
“Who are you?” I ask, and the reply is “It’s me!"
I know that voice it’s very familiar to me
But to be sure,
I turn and see the most beautiful soul,
I have seen him here in this reality,
And have been with him in many life times past.
His essence merges with me,
Exploring and searching for the tear within my heart.
With all his love he heals this tear,
And pours his love into me there,
To stay forever and ever,
Never leaving and never ending,
This part of him for me to love and to cherish,
To bless me and guide me in my soul’s journey here,
He reaches into my heart,
And takes a part of me with him too,
He cannot stay with me at this time,
There are so many important things for him to do,
I understand my love, I understand.
Without him my life is unbearable,
My heart is breaking and aching,
My soul yearns for him every day and every night,
I cry out “Please take this pain away from my heart!”
For this is too much to bear!”
“Why oh why did you come to me at all?”
And unexpectedly,
I am comforted with words echoing in my head,
A voice so familiar to me once again,
“Someday we will be together my love”,
“For we shall be blessed as one forever”,
And so I pray and hope that this promise be true.
For I know a promise is always forever,
What about you?

~ Debra ~

© 2010 Debra Heylen All Rights Reserved.

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