Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sooner or Later

"Sooner or later we begin to understand

that love is more than verses on valentines,

and romance in the movies.

We begin to know that love is here and now, real and true,

the most important thing in our lives.

For love is the creator of our favourite memories

and the foundation of our fondest dreams.

Love is a promise that is always kept,

a fortune that can never be spent,

a seed that can flourish in even the most unlikely of places.

And this radiance that never fades,

this mysterious and magical joy, is the greatest treasure of all -

one known only by those who love."

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Twin Flames - A Divine Love Story!

That which God has joined together, let no man put asunder.......

They say you often meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid, and meeting our twin flames in this lifetime, is the right path to our final destination......A divine relationship, is a journey of two souls who belong to each other, the feelings are so intense, it’s the most incredible love imaginable, even stronger than a soul mate, it can be so intense and frightening though , that sometimes if they are not spiritually evolved, they will bolt and run away from the connection, due to fear and then try to find someone less intense to try having a relationship with, but in their core / heart they know they belong only to each other, no one can come between the relationship, together they are two beings but one soul. On the path of the twin flame journey they will have many tests, hardships, pain, dreams, guidance and deep revelations, sent to try and test them...

Many a time when the twins meet one another for ignition, they are in a committed relationship with other people either a karmic or soul mate relationship, it is better not to tamper or make any changes in this existing relationship, as one should always honour the existing relationship, and let it be as it is, if not it will create negative karma's, in the long run.
After all it is the decision of the soul, which will preside over the ego based mind, whether to stay or leave a previous commitment, which will be ordained as per the divine timing, so have faith and trust in the working of a greater force of the universe.

Plato has been quoted as saying ...“ When one of them meets the other half, the actual half of themselves, the pair are lost in an amazement of love, friendship and intimacy, and one will not be out of the others sight even for a moment”.

When you meet your twin flame it’s like coming home, life turns a full circle, and you are back were you belong, there is a nourishing feeling for each other, just being in one another's company is like being in a state of eternal bliss, as if coming out of a deep meditation, that's the very reason they eagerly desire to be together in each other’s company for long period of time, it is common to see them spend as much time as possible in each other’s presence, because of the tremendous comfort level they feel together ship , they long and crave for each other and constantly search for each other subconsciously.

The twin flame relationship is based on unconditional love for each other, with no strings attached, its more about spiritual love than romantic love, we should not think about coming together in a traditional romantic way, when we lay emphasis on romanticizing this relationship we put limitation on this union, because romanticism is a very small part of this dynamic relationship, In karmic and soul mate relationships , the attraction is felt in the physical or mental level, were the mind and the heart play a major role, which is not the case of twin flames, as the recognition is more on the soul level in the beginning, gradually the depth of the relation is slowly perceived by the mind through our intuitions, and external revelations, it’s a slow process, but highly evolved souls will recognize the connection instantly, the attraction to one another is instant, they do not have to go through the rigmarole of twin flame relationship dynamics, but for those who are not evolved, we as individuals have to balance our past karma's with other souls, leave all our emotional baggage, and learn to love ourselves before we love others. Only when we are complete and grow as individuals, will we ultimately unite with our other half, the faster we learn and evolve there will be less drama between us, and the faster this roller coaster relationship will smooth itself out, and we will become more stable and mature enough to handle this deep intense relationship.

The twin flame relation is an honest one, they will always speak the truth in spite of the fact that the other may be hurt, the emotional conflicts are unbearable, in order not to see the other suffer, the problem is resolved as early as possible, because the twins know each other on a soul level, and they will experience the same pain and agony, which will torment them, their main intentions and actions are meant to protect each other, and to accomplish their mission on earth, they will always be fair in their dealings, with themselves and with others, faith and trust is a foundation of the relationship, there is unconditional love, and a genuine respect and acceptance of each other at all levels.

A very odd and a peculiar fact about soul mate as opposed to the twin flame relationship is that, often times in a romantic soul mate relationship you will find that the man or woman turns out to be the ideal of your dreams, there is love at first sight, and common factors like same background, education, same taste in music, food, similar hobbies will enhance the relation further, he or she is your ideal mate, you will be finely tuned to each other, but with your twin on the other hand it is a far cry from being your ideal mate, they may not look like your dream date or make you swoon immediately, in fact they are the exact opposite of you in every sense, physically, mentally, emotionally, they will say or do things which will trigger opposing reactions in you, and you keep wondering why they act in a way which irritates and angers you, these negative emotions which we perceive in our twin all exist in us, so they have to surface to purge the heart of age old negative thoughts and emotional debris, from previous and present lifetimes / birth, and what better person than your twin who will push all your buttons so that you can see your mirror image clearly in them, remember this relation is spurred on and inspired by differences, rather than similarities. But there are cases of twins who have the same characteristic features and traits, each one is unique and will experience this twin flame dynamics differently, no two relationships are similar, or the sae ...only your own personal experience will guide your path, and your soul will reveal the truth at the right time, with what has to be done in your journey to oneness, but for the time being just be there with your twin, and focus and love yourself, express yourself also and be creative and try to learn new things, perhaps a new hobby like singing, music, dance, painting, writing, photography or traveling to exotic places, anything under the sun, that makes you happy, keep you in the right path, the path of love, truth and joy.

Many times negative people and circumstances do come between the twins, they will try to pull them apart, due to spite, jealousy, destroy their credibility with malicious gossip, their main intention being to separate the twins, because they do not comprehend the significance of this spiritual lovers, this divine relation is in the protection of the almighty, anyone coming between will have to face dire consequences, some kind of misfortune will strike them, either financially , physically they may be struck with illness, turmoil in their personal relations, one the close family members will be inflicted, which will ultimately affect them, dreadful blunders in their professional lives, accidents, any kind of unnatural incidents can occur in their lives, the universe can go to any length to protect the twins from external negative influence, the only ones who can disrupt this relation is the twins themselves, and unfortunately if they do this, they will create a physical barrier between themselves, ultimately separate out, which will eventually take a toll on one of the sensitive twins, many a times leading to terrible illness followed by death , it’s better to avoid being a part of an ego based drama, and manipulate each other by using unfair means, after all we have been doing this in all our previous incarnations, it’s not an easy task to suddenly abandon our standard habits and way of life, and to conduct and reform ourselves to a better state will take tremendous will power, prayers, affirmations, and meditation with violet light energy.

Twin flame union is basically a higher calling; they have a mission to be fulfilled in this realm, a service to the planet, changes to be made in the age old social structure, service to mankind, you will find twins working together, in medical, social, spiritual, and entertaining media, working for the physical, emotional or spiritual upliftment of many destitute, needy souls, sometimes they may just be there for each other, to balance all their past karma's with one another and with other souls, and finally unite as one soul.

If you keep your twin flame as your destiny in mind, every moment in life will become opportunity for moving closer to the relationship, unconditional love and genuine acceptance of one another's flaws, imperfections, virtues, and strengths is a foundation for true twin flame relation. If the twins are in their last birth, they are meant to be together, no power on this earth can ever keep them apart, and once they unite they will become a powerful potent force, they have no more lessons to learn, they have great wealth of knowledge and experience, they have reached a state of spiritual resonance, that will free them from reincarnation cycle, they can do anything in this world as long as they are together. One thing is certain the evolved twins are in the hands of God, the grip of that hand never loosens and so the twins after they pass away from this realm will merge together and be forever with the divine.

“That which God has joined will ultimately merge into him for eternity”.........


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Violet Flame & Twin Flames!

A violet flame is a fire that burns a brilliant, harmonious light and is capable of clearing and alchemising the negative energy we harbour.

The flame translates the negativity into a calm and positive energy that vibrates highly and flows freely. A violet flame is a loving, accepting, forgiving and highly intelligent flame. It is capable of transforming us by providing us with a very powerful and unique spiritual energy that will enhance all aspects of our lives.

The colour violet has the highest frequency of all seven colours on the visual spectrum and it cleanses the system of all our toxic emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockages.

The flame heals old wounds, clears the karma of past mistakes, erases painful memories and frees us from the heavy emotional baggage we have been carrying around.

We all have an electromagnetic field that surrounds us and we vibrate on different frequencies depending on our current mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state. Our vibrations send out colours, which can be seen in the form of auras.

The colours of our aura solely depend on what is happening within our conscious and sub-conscious minds.

When two people are radiating a violet light and they meet with their twin flame they will engage in an intense, magnetizing and indestructible relationship.

We can have many soul mate relationships with anyone from strangers to lovers, however, we will only ever have one twin flame connection. This is because twin flames share the same cosmic or energetic blueprint as one another.

A twin flame connection is one that offers the purest form of love we will ever experience. The reason for this is that the love arises from absolute unconditional love.

Twin flames have ancient history together, so the instant they meet there will be an intense attraction like no other. There is no mistaking the connection when it occurs. Memories will come flooding back as we try to piece together how we “know” the other person. As soon as the first encounter with a twin flame takes place we will feel a huge shift happening and this is the beginning of a major transformation.

This “knowing” feeling that is indescribable is what keeps us entwined with our twin flame and we will feel as though two intricate pieces of a puzzle have perfectly slotted together.

Although the connection will feel immensely comfortable, it will also cause friction as we are constantly pushed to become the highest version of ourselves possible when we are in their company. It is like looking through the clearest mirror and we may not always like what is being reflected back—however, we will still be compelled to look.

The bonding will not be one where two halves become one, it will be a relationship whereby both are able to be the complete version of their true selves and nothing and no one will have the strength or ability to rock or cause cracks in their foundation.

Twin flames are able to stay bonded through thick and thin and will never cosmically sway too far from one another even if they are not always able to exist side-by-side. When they have reached a point whereby they are radiating this violet light all the obstacles that have been in the way to prevent this connection will fall by the wayside and from there on the relationship will be unstoppable.

The main thing that prevents us from having a deep and powerful twin flame relationship is the energy that we are holding onto from past or current painful experiences. By working with the violet flame we can eradicate all karmic energy and past memories that we are holding onto.

Twin flames that are radiating a violet flame are not co-dependent in any way. They are entirely free to live their life as they choose to, knowing their partner fully accepts, nourishes and supports the paths they desire to roam. Within this relationship it may look to an outsider that these two lives are lived as though they are “single” people as there are no boundaries, rules or regulations that either one has to abide by.

The reason these relationships work without conditions is that both individuals have high levels of integrity, are accountable for their errors and they are radiating with pure love. This love is not just for the other person it is for the whole of humanity, the world they live in and ultimately for themselves.

A burning violet flame sends a glowing, healing wave of energy out into the universe. There are no judgements cast out to others and they hold no resentments for any other ways of life that do not fall in line with their own. Their minds are opened fully so that they see beyond what lies in front of them and this enables them to see all sides of the sphere rather than choosing a limited view.

Within themselves and also their relationship they are able to find the balance between the darkness and light and they are not afraid to accept what lies on either side. Twin flame connections are aware that as human beings we are often too afraid to expose the truth of ourselves to one another.

We all make mistakes and we all have flaws, and in a twin flame relationship the beautiful and ugly are loved and accepted equally so that both people can open up their souls and have the privilege of viewing what lies at the core. This means they are privy to the truest form of love possible as they embrace the reality of the other person, not an illusion they have been tricked into seeing.

The most difficult lesson that twin flames face is the one of unconditional love. This is often why twin flames do not always remain together if they are not radiating with a violet light. If either one has not prepared enough for the connection they will drift in and out of each others lives, although, they will still have a profound sense of togetherness, however far apart they may be.

There will also be a battle with the ego and this is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. A twin flame will reflect everything back to us and show us parts of ourselves we may not feel ready to embrace.

We may question if we are advanced enough to be able to deal with this relationship in our lives, as often it will cause us more internal friction that we think we are cable of handling. This is again where the violet light comes into play, as this will help us reach a place of self-love, a higher sense of self-worth and when we reach these things we will find an acceptance for those around us too.

Our twin flame will keep presenting themselves to us time and again until the violet flame has transformed our energy to pulsate on a frequency so we are vibrating at the highest level. Basically, when we have done the work necessary to attract a twin flame we will be emotionally and spiritually ready to fully and intimately connect with our twin flame.

The love between twin flames is not essentially a romantic love, it is the greatest opportunity we will be given to develop personal growth. This being said though, twin flames do not exist for purely a personal benefit. The universe unites twin flames for a divine purpose, which is a selfless one to be of service to others.

The magnetisation of these two souls will bring together two rays of light, so they are able to beam a pure and radiant glow out into the world. The union will teach those around them about loving unconditionally and selflessly and also about letting go of all resentments through learning to forgive and accept.

Whether the mission of these two souls is to help to create a more sustainable world to live in, to reduce suffering of all living creatures or to teach others about ultimate soul growth, the message will be one that is necessary for the evolution of human beings on a mass scale.

All that it takes is for our energetic vibrations to alter so that we are in a position to attract that once in a lifetime partner. We can then embark on a magical adventure that will work hard to match our own fire to the fire that is raging in our twin flame.

Once our flames connect we can carve a unique path by burning through all negativity. This means that our lights will shine brightly enough so that we recognise one another immediately when we eventually move onto the next life.

By setting aside a small amount of time each day, even if it is just for five minutes, we can change our frequency to help to achieve a violet flame.

When we choose a mantra and speak it out loud it helps to alter our frequency and it also assists with manifesting the changes we seek.

To invoke a violet flame a simple mantra such as, “I am present, I am a violet light,” or, “I welcome the violet light into my life.”

As we ask for a violet light we must also be willing to offer it all of the pent up emotions of frustration, anger and resentment we have been feeling. By opening up our heart and accepting the light, we must also surrender to it and flush away all impurities and toxins that have been seeping into us.

We can repeat this mantra as many times as we feel we need to and as often throughout the day as we would like. It is important that the mantra is spoken out loud (through the throat chakra) as our voices are powerful vibrational tools that are capable of changing our frequency.

A visualisation helps when repeating the mantra. If we close our eyes we can imagine a pure violet ray of light burning from within and emanating from us. We can imagine that the flame is burning through any negativity that we bring in to the mantra so that we destroy all thoughts of anger or fear and replace them with ones of love and peace.

Initially it can be painful to uncover and expose certain past memories, however, if we imagine that we have sealed our aura with a healing white and blue protective shield, we can avoid the darkness penetrating and negatively affecting our light.

We can use a mantra anytime we are feeling stressed or angry, or just allow them to become a ritual that takes place each morning before we begin the day. The more often the mantra is repeated, the more powerful it will be in working its magic.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Twin Flames & God!

The meeting with our twin flame is in many ways an invitation from God to re-establish this personal relationship since it offers not only the potential for self-realization but also for the realization of God. Just like the twin flame reunion first happens in consciousness before a physical reunion of the two human forms of the One-Soul can happen, the union with God is a prerequisite of our lasting union with our twin flame, to be realized through the process of surrender.

To truly start to yearn for God, God must at some point give us a glimpse of His sublime existence. The predestined meeting of the twin flames happens for the very purpose of igniting this longing within both; however we rarely realize that it is God that we are in longing for and instead associate all our longing and love with our twin flame. When we seek to know God in this way (initially disguised as a longing for our twin flame) this progressively expands the consciousness of the two souls. Furthermore, the strong bonding this creates between the twin flame couple guarantees the accomplishment of the spiritual purpose behind the meeting regardless of whether the twins are outwardly ready to complete the work or not.

Part of this expansion is the humble realization that our Twin flame was sent to us by God to challenge us and to awaken us so that our One-soul could be guided back into its original state of Oneness. In the spiritual realms, the twins work together towards achieving this goal, however on the physical plane it takes a certain level of spiritual maturity to be able to discern the intricate way in which God and the twin flames themselves guide each other by using the mirror effect as a tool for triggering and healing. As such, the physical plane is only ever a reflection of what God needs the two embodiments of the One-Soul to do in order to better serve the union and the shared mission to bring divine love from the spiritual realms into earth.

In the same way that being a twin flame provides us with a vehicle of transcendence and ultimately ascension rather than a guarantee of romantic bliss on earth, the source of the immense love that we see reflected in our twin flame can only be found by seeking within; since searching for the love that heals the world in the world which is the result of the illusion of separation only creates more illusions. Only pure unconditional love can elevate us and purify our heart in preparation for the ascension back to God. As part of the process we must come to realize our own wholeness and our own perfection because if we don’t, we remain unable to accept the very love that we crave, since the love that we are able to accept directly equates to the love that we are able to give our self.

Credit to:

Shannon Cantrell – TwinFlame – The Unconditional Love FB 

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